Chic and Comfy Shanghai Story Cotton Linen Qipao for Effortless Style

Welcome to our product⁣ review blog post for the Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton​ Linen Cheongsam Blue Qipao Loose Style One Size! Today, we’re excited‍ to share our first-hand experience with‌ this​ unique and stylish dress.

Made from a⁣ combination of linen and ‍cotton, ⁤the⁤ fabric ⁢of this cheongsam dress ​is not only⁣ comfortable but⁢ also ​adds a⁣ touch‍ of elegance to the overall look. The dress boasts a length of 115cm/45.27″, a bust of 98cm/38.58″, and a shoulder width of ⁢55cm/21.65″ – ⁤creating​ a loose​ and​ relaxed fit that is perfect for various body types.

One of the standout ‍features of this⁢ dress is its Chinese frog ​buttons​ and ​stand collar, which adds an authentic vintage touch to the modern design. The ‍combination⁢ of traditional Chinese cheongsam ​style and contemporary elements ⁤truly sets this dress apart.

The package dimensions are 10.98 x 8.7⁢ x 0.98 inches, and it weighs approximately 14.11 ounces. The‌ item⁣ is designed for women and is part‍ of​ Shanghai ​Story’s collection. The dress was first made available on July 1, 2020, and ⁢is manufactured by Shanghai Story, a‌ brand based in China.

With its unique blend of vintage‍ and modern style,⁣ the Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton Linen Cheongsam ​Blue Qipao Loose Style One Size is‌ sure to make a statement wherever you go. ⁤So let’s ⁤dive ‍into our detailed review and find out more ‌about this exquisite​ dress that’s ready to become​ a staple⁢ in our wardrobes.

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Chic and ⁢Comfy Shanghai Story Cotton Linen Qipao ⁢for Effortless Style

The⁤ Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton Linen Cheongsam Blue Qipao is a stunning dress that perfectly combines ‍vintage and modern style. Made with ⁣a⁢ blend of linen and cotton, this ⁣dress is not only comfortable but also has a unique texture that adds to ‍its overall ‌appeal. The loose fit of the dress allows for easy movement and‍ ensures that ​you stay comfortable all day long.

One of the standout features⁤ of this dress is the Chinese frog buttons and stand collar, which add a touch of​ traditional Chinese charm. These intricate details give the dress a unique and eye-catching look that is sure to⁢ turn heads wherever you go. ⁢Whether you’re attending a special ​occasion or simply want to add some‍ elegance to your‌ everyday wardrobe, this dress is a perfect choice.

With a length of 115cm and bust size of 98cm, this dress is designed to flatter a variety⁣ of body types. The shoulder width of 55cm ‌ensures a comfortable fit for all-day wear. The ⁤model height of 165cm and weight of‍ 47.5kg gives you an idea of how the dress looks when worn.

When it ⁤comes to packaging, ⁢the dress arrives neatly folded​ in dimensions of 10.98 x ⁤8.7 x ‌0.98 inches‍ and weighs 14.11 ounces. This makes it easy to ​store and carry without ‌any hassle. The dress ⁢is manufactured by ⁢Shanghai Story and has an ASIN number‍ of B08C53PGZ6. It is ⁢made in China, a⁤ country known​ for ⁤its craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Overall, the Shanghai⁢ Story Short Sleeve⁣ Cotton Linen Cheongsam Blue Qipao is a beautiful⁤ dress that ​combines traditional Chinese elements with modern design. It offers comfort, style, and ‍versatility, making it a must-have addition to your ⁣wardrobe. Grab yours today and experience ‍the elegance and charm of this stunning dress.

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Chic and Comfy Shanghai ‌Story Cotton Linen Qipao for Effortless Style

  • Unique design: The Shanghai Story ‍Short Sleeve Cotton Linen Cheongsam ‍is the perfect blend of vintage⁢ and modern​ styles. With its Chinese⁤ frog ⁢buttons and stand collar, this dress exudes elegance​ and sophistication. The loose‌ fit adds a touch of comfort, making it⁤ ideal ⁤for casual⁢ or⁣ formal occasions.

  • High-quality material: Made from ⁣a blend⁣ of linen⁣ and ‍cotton, this⁤ dress is not ⁢only stylish ⁤but ‌also durable. The fabric is breathable and comfortable, allowing you to stay cool⁢ even ⁢on hot summer days. The dress drapes beautifully, enhancing your⁢ silhouette and giving ‌you a flattering look.

  • Versatile sizing: The⁢ one-size-fits-all design of this​ cheongsam ⁣allows for‍ easy⁣ and hassle-free shopping. ‍The dress has a‌ length‍ of 115cm/45.27″ ‌and a bust ‍measurement of ​98cm/38.58″. It also features wide shoulders measuring 55cm/21.65″, ensuring a comfortable fit for various⁢ body types. Whether you’re petite or curvy, this dress will accentuate​ your best features.

  • Convenient packaging: The Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton Linen Cheongsam comes ⁣in‍ compact dimensions of 10.98 x⁣ 8.7 x 0.98⁣ inches, weighing ⁢only 14.11 ounces. This‌ makes​ it easy to store ⁤and transport, ⁢perfect for those who are always ⁢on the go. The⁣ dress is also carefully packaged, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition.

  • Trusted brand: Manufactured by Shanghai Story, a​ reputable company known for producing high-quality garments, this dress is guaranteed to ⁤meet your ​expectations. With‍ attention to detail and commitment ⁤to customer satisfaction, Shanghai⁣ Story ‌delivers products that are both stylish and reliable.

If you’re​ looking for a dress that combines traditional ⁢Chinese elements with​ modern fashion, ⁤the ​Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton Linen​ Cheongsam is the perfect choice. Its unique‍ design, ​high-quality material, versatile sizing, and convenient packaging make it a ⁣must-have in your wardrobe.⁤ Don’t miss out on this sophisticated and comfortable dress – purchase it now on Amazon!

Detailed⁤ Insights and Recommendations

Chic ‌and Comfy⁤ Shanghai ‍Story Cotton ⁤Linen Qipao ‍for Effortless ‍Style

After thoroughly examining the Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton Linen Cheongsam‌ Blue Qipao, we‍ have⁤ gathered some ‌ to help you make ​an informed purchasing decision. ⁣Here’s what we‌ discovered:

  1. Material: The dress is made of a blend of linen and cotton, which ⁣ensures comfort and ‌breathability. The combination of ‌these fabrics gives the ‌dress a soft and lightweight feel, perfect for warm‌ weather.

  2. Size: The dress‌ has a length of 115cm/45.27″, a bust measurement of⁣ 98cm/38.58″, and a‌ shoulder width​ of 55cm/21.65″. Keep in⁣ mind that ⁢the model ⁤in the product description is 165cm tall ⁢and weighs 47.5kg. It’s important to consider these ⁢measurements to ensure the dress fits you perfectly.

  3. Design: ⁣The​ dress features‌ traditional ‍Chinese elements such as frog buttons and a stand collar, ⁣adding a touch of elegance to⁤ its overall look. The⁤ loose style ‍of the Cheongsam exudes both vintage and modern vibes, making it a versatile piece for⁢ various occasions.

Based on ⁣our analysis, we highly ⁣recommend‍ the‍ Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton Linen Cheongsam Blue Qipao. Its quality materials, ⁣flattering fit, and ​charming design make it⁢ a valuable ⁢addition to any wardrobe. ‍If you’re ready to⁢ embrace the​ beauty of Chinese fashion, click here to check it out on Amazon and make⁤ a ‍purchase: [Call to Action link].

Customer Reviews Analysis

Chic and ⁣Comfy Shanghai Story Cotton ​Linen Qipao for Effortless⁣ Style

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the ​Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton ‍Linen Cheongsam Blue Qipao, we ‌have found​ several key points that highlight the positive‍ aspects of this product.

High-Quality ‌Fabric‌ and Design

Customers consistently praised the well-made construction and high-quality ⁢fabric of the qipao. The cotton linen material used in ‍this dress is ‌not only soft and comfortable, but it also‌ maintains ​a fresh feeling. ‍The vibrant colors ‌of the⁢ dress further enhance its overall appeal.

Accurate Sizing Assistance

Many reviewers appreciated the sizing assistance provided⁢ by the seller. By simply ​providing their measurements,⁣ customers were‌ able to receive a perfectly fitting qipao. This⁢ attention ​to detail and personalized service‌ was highly recommended by customers.

Unexpected Pockets

One ⁣positive surprise mentioned by a customer was the ⁤inclusion of pockets in the dress. This⁣ functional‍ addition was not shown in the product pictures but was a pleasant surprise‍ for those who received the dress. It added convenience​ and practicality to an already cute summer dress.

Versatility and Styling Options

Customers⁤ found this qipao ⁤to be versatile in its uses. ​One customer mentioned wearing ‍it as a‍ tunic during Christmas time, making use of ⁣its beautiful blue color and​ red ​frog buttons. It was ‍also mentioned that ​it pairs well with other Chinese-style⁤ coats, providing a wide range of styling possibilities. Additionally, ⁢the loose‍ fit⁤ of the dress allows it to suit various ⁢body types and heights.

Prompt Delivery and ​Positive Shopping Experience

Several customers were‍ impressed with the prompt delivery of their purchase, receiving it well ahead of the estimated ​time. This boosted⁤ their overall‍ satisfaction with the product and the seller’s​ service.

Positive Points
The fabric is soft and fresh
The ​dress has vibrant colors
Accurate sizing⁤ assistance
Includes ⁤surprise pockets
Versatile⁢ for‍ various styling options
Timely ⁣delivery and⁤ positive shopping experience

In summary, the‌ Shanghai⁤ Story Short⁤ Sleeve Cotton Linen Cheongsam Blue Qipao has received consistent positive feedback from customers. Its high-quality fabric, accurate sizing assistance,‌ surprise pockets, ​versatility,⁢ and prompt delivery contribute to its overall appeal. This dress⁢ is highly⁢ recommended for anyone looking for a chic​ and comfy qipao to ⁢add effortless style to their wardrobe.

Pros & Cons

Chic and ⁣Comfy Shanghai Story ‌Cotton Linen Qipao for Effortless Style


  1. The Shanghai⁣ Story Short Sleeve Cotton Linen Cheongsam ‌is made‌ from a ⁢blend of linen ⁤and​ cotton, which makes it comfortable and breathable to wear.
  2. This qipao dress is designed with a loose style, allowing for ease of movement and a relaxed ⁢fit.
  3. The Chinese Cheongsam style ⁢of ⁣this dress is a combination of​ vintage and modern, ⁤giving it a unique⁢ and fashionable look.
  4. The dress⁣ features traditional Chinese frog buttons‍ and a stand collar, adding an authentic touch to its design.
  5. This qipao dress is versatile and ​can be worn‌ for ​various occasions,⁢ such as parties, weddings, or casual outings.
  6. The dress has a length⁢ of 115cm/45.27″ and a bust measurement of⁤ 98cm/38.58″, ⁣making it ⁣suitable for different‌ body types.
  7. The dress is available in one ​size, which makes it convenient for those⁢ who do not want to worry about sizing.
  8. This Shanghai Story qipao dress‌ is lightweight and easy to pack, making ⁢it an excellent choice for ‍travel.


  1. The shoulder measurement of ​the dress‌ is 55cm/21.65″, which may not‍ be suitable for individuals with‍ narrower shoulders.
  2. The one-size-fits-all design may not ⁣provide a perfect fit for some customers,‌ depending on their body shape and proportions.
  3. The dress ​is available only in the color blue, ⁤which ⁢may ‍not appeal to those who prefer a wider range of color options.
  4. The dress is sourced from China,​ which may be a drawback for customers who prioritize purchasing products from local manufacturers.
  5. Although the‌ product description mentions the model’s height and⁣ weight, additional ​size information ‍for a better understanding of⁣ the fit ⁣is not provided.


Chic and Comfy‍ Shanghai Story Cotton Linen Qipao for Effortless Style
Q: How long‍ is the Shanghai Story Short Sleeve ⁣Cotton Linen Cheongsam Blue⁤ Qipao?
A: The length of ‌the ⁤dress is‌ approximately 115cm or ⁤45.27‌ inches.

Q: What‌ are the measurements for the bust and shoulder?
A: The bust measurement ​is approximately 98cm or 38.58‍ inches, and the shoulder measurement is approximately 55cm or 21.65 inches.

Q: Is there a specific ⁣size ⁢for this dress or is it one size⁣ fits all?
A: This dress is available in one size. The measurements provided should give you‌ an idea of the fit.

Q: Can‌ you describe ‍the⁢ style of this Qipao dress?
A: The‍ Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton ⁤Linen ‌Cheongsam Blue ​Qipao‍ features a loose style with a Chinese stand collar and ‌traditional Chinese⁤ frog buttons. The design combines ⁣vintage and modern elements for ‍a⁣ unique​ look.

Q: What is​ the package dimensions‌ for this dress?
A: The package dimensions are approximately ‌10.98 x‍ 8.7 ⁣x ​0.98 inches, ‌and ‌it weighs around 14.11⁤ ounces.

Q:​ When was ⁣this dress first made ⁤available?
A: This‌ dress was first made‍ available on July 1, 2020.

Q: Where is this dress manufactured?
A: This dress is manufactured in China, according to the information provided‍ by the manufacturer, Shanghai Story.

Q: Is there a‌ specific model number⁤ for this‍ dress?
A: Yes, the model ⁢number for this dress is XMFZ_2020_000017.

Q: Can you provide​ more information ⁣about the fabric used for this dress?
A: The Shanghai Story Short‌ Sleeve Cotton Linen Cheongsam Blue Qipao is made from ⁤a blend of linen and ⁢cotton, providing a comfortable and ⁤breathable feel.

Q: What⁤ is the recommended body type for this dress?
A: This dress is designed ⁢to be loose-fitting, ⁣making it suitable for various body‍ types. However, it is always a good​ idea to ⁢refer⁤ to⁤ the measurements provided to ensure a proper fit.

Q: Does⁤ this dress come in any other colors?
A: As⁤ of now, this dress is available in blue.⁢ However, it’s always a good idea to ⁢check with the manufacturer or retailer for any updated ⁢color options.

Seize the Opportunity

Chic⁢ and Comfy Shanghai Story Cotton Linen⁤ Qipao for Effortless Style
And that wraps up our review⁢ of the​ Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton⁤ Linen Cheongsam Blue⁣ Qipao!⁢ We hope you enjoyed⁣ reading about this​ chic and comfy dress⁢ as much​ as we enjoyed sharing our thoughts on it.

This Qipao effortlessly combines ⁢vintage and modern ⁣styles, making ​it a versatile piece for any occasion. The ⁢linen and cotton material ensures comfort⁣ and breathability, ‍while the loose‍ fit adds a relaxed touch. The Chinese frog buttons and stand⁢ collar add an extra element of‍ elegance to this already stunning ⁣dress.

Measuring at a length of 115cm ⁢and a bust size of 98cm, this one-size-fits-all dress⁣ is⁣ perfect for individuals looking ⁤for ⁣a comfortable and stylish⁢ option. Our model,​ standing at 165cm and weighing 47.5kg, gives you a sense of how it looks on a person.

With its impeccable design and quality,‌ it comes as ⁤no surprise that the Shanghai Story⁢ Short Sleeve Cotton Linen ​Cheongsam Blue ‌Qipao ‌has become a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts.

So, if you’re⁤ ready‌ to add some effortless style to your wardrobe, click the ⁣link below⁣ to ‍purchase this‍ dress on Amazon:

Get the Shanghai Story Short Sleeve Cotton Linen Cheongsam Blue Qipao now!

Don’t⁢ miss out on this opportunity to⁤ embrace the vintage charm with a modern twist. We can’t wait to hear about ‌how this ⁣beautiful⁣ dress elevates your style!

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