Clear Wall Protector: The Ultimate Solution for Kitchen Oil Proofing – Our Review

Welcome to our ​product review blog post ⁣on the COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil‌ Proof Waterproof⁢ Sticker ​Self Adhesive Vinyl Film High Temperature‌ Resistant Transparent Paper Removable Paper for Cupboard Doors Walls Kitchen 11.8In*118In. As ​avid home cooks and interior design enthusiasts,‍ we are always on⁤ the lookout for products that not only‌ enhance the aesthetics of our kitchens ​but also serve a practical purpose. Having‌ firsthand experience with⁤ this particular product, we can confidently ⁣say that⁣ the⁣ COSNIGHT⁢ Clear Wallpaper exceeds ⁤our expectations in ⁤terms of functionality and style. In this review, we will delve ⁤into the features, application, ​and ease of use of this clear wall protector, as well as highlight its ability to solve common kitchen-related problems. So let’s jump right​ in and explore this innovative product in more detail!

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Clear Wall ⁣Protector: The Ultimate Solution for Kitchen ‌Oil Proofing⁢ - Our⁤ Review

Our COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper is a versatile ‌and practical solution for your kitchen. This self-adhesive‍ vinyl film is designed to ‌be a⁣ clear wall protector, offering easy cleaning and protection against oil and water damage. With⁤ dimensions of 11.8 inches by 118 ⁢inches, it provides ample coverage for your cupboard doors, walls, and‍ kitchen surfaces.

One of the key features of ⁢this wallpaper is its⁤ waterproof nature. The oil-proof sticker can be easily wiped clean with a ‍towel, ensuring that your kitchen remains spotless. However, it is important to ​note that using⁤ a ⁢cleaning ball or⁢ a hard cleaning cloth may cause scratches, so gentle cleaning is recommended.

Applying this clear wallpaper is a breeze, as it can be used on any smooth surface. Whether it’s your kitchen tile backsplash, stove, dishwasher, glass door, or window glass,​ this ⁤versatile film is a⁤ perfect fit. It can also be used on ⁣kitchen⁢ and bathroom tiles, glasses, ‌household appliances, and⁣ even air conditioners.

Made from heat-resistant PVC material, this wallpaper is designed to withstand high temperatures. However, it is essential to remember that the maximum temperature should not exceed 70‍ degrees Celsius⁢ and ‍direct contact with fire should be avoided. Additionally, it is recommended to⁣ maintain a distance of more than 20cm during use for optimal performance.

At COSNIGHT, ​customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you⁢ encounter any product-related issues, please ⁣reach out to us as soon as possible, and ‌our dedicated⁢ team ​will provide you ⁤with prompt solutions.

Upgrade⁤ your​ kitchen with our‍ COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper and enjoy a clean, stylish, and protected space. ⁢Visit our website [Call to Action] ‍to learn more and make your purchase today!

Product Features⁣ and ⁢Benefits

Clear Wall‌ Protector: The Ultimate Solution ‌for Kitchen Oil Proofing - Our Review

Our ​COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil ‍Proof ⁣Waterproof Sticker is a highly versatile and functional ⁢product that offers several features and ​benefits to enhance your‍ kitchen experience.

  • Easy to Clean: This kitchen oil proof sticker is waterproof, allowing for easy cleaning. Simply use a‍ towel⁤ to wipe away any ​oil ⁤or stains, and it will be ‌clean instantly. It is​ important to note that using‍ a cleaning ball or a hard cleaning cloth should be avoided to prevent scratching the ‌surface.

  • Wide Range of Applications: Our waterproof sticker can be used on any smooth surface, making⁣ it ‌perfect for various areas in your kitchen. Whether it’s⁣ your kitchen tile backsplash, stove, dishwasher, glass door, window ‍glass, kitchen or bathroom tile, glasses, household appliances, or even the air conditioner, ⁤this versatile sticker​ can be applied with ease.

  • Heat-Resistant⁣ and Oil-Proof: Made of high-quality PVC material, ⁤our‍ sticker is heat-resistant, waterproof, and oil-proof. While‍ it can withstand‌ high temperatures up to 70 degrees, it is ⁣important to keep it away from direct⁤ contact with a fire source. Additionally, a​ distance of more than 20cm ‌should be maintained during use.

  • Easy Application: Applying our clear wallpaper sticker‍ is a breeze. Simply peel off a⁢ layer ⁢of plastic ⁤wallpaper ⁢and stick it to the desired surface. ‍The adhesive‌ backing eliminates the‍ need for glue, making the installation ⁢process quick and hassle-free.

At COSNIGHT, ‌we are committed ⁣to providing you⁤ with the best products and solutions. If you encounter any issues related ⁣to our product, please ⁣let us know as soon as possible, and our dedicated team will be happy⁣ to assist you.

Don’t ⁤miss out on the amazing features and⁣ benefits of our COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof ​Waterproof Sticker. ⁢Enhance the look and durability of⁣ your kitchen while enjoying the‍ convenience and ‌ease of maintenance. Grab yours ‌today by clicking⁤ here: [Call to Action]

Detailed​ Insights and ⁢Recommendations

Clear ​Wall ⁤Protector: The Ultimate Solution for Kitchen‌ Oil ⁢Proofing - Our Review

When it comes to protecting⁣ our kitchen ⁤walls and ​cupboard doors from oil stains and water damage, the COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof Waterproof Sticker‌ is a reliable solution. We​ were impressed with its performance‍ and it⁤ exceeded our expectations in several ways.

Firstly, this sticker is incredibly easy to‌ clean. Whether it’s oil splatters or food stains, a simple wipe with a towel is all it takes to restore ⁤its pristine appearance. Just remember to avoid ‌using⁣ abrasive cleaning tools to prevent scratching the surface.

Additionally, ‌the versatility of‍ this clear wall⁣ protector is worth mentioning. It‌ can be applied to any smooth surface, making it suitable for kitchen ‍tile backsplashes, ⁣stoves,⁢ dishwashers, glass doors, windows, bathroom tiles, appliances, and even air conditioners. Its potential uses ‍are endless, allowing you to safeguard⁤ various ‍areas of your home.

We ⁣also appreciate the features of this⁤ product. It is heat-resistant, waterproof, and oil-proof, thanks to⁢ its high-quality PVC material. However, it’s‍ crucial to ‌note that the maximum temperature it can withstand is ‌70 degrees. Therefore, it should not come into direct contact with a heat source, and ‍a minimum distance of 20cm should ​be maintained during use.

If you ever encounter any ​issues with this wallpaper sticker or have any product-related ‌concerns, the​ manufacturer is committed ⁣to resolving them promptly. We ​found their customer ​service to be ‍responsive and helpful, providing practical solutions to any problem that may arise.

To protect your ​kitchen⁣ walls ⁢and cupboards while adding a touch ‍of style, we highly ‌recommend the COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof ​Waterproof ⁤Sticker. Don’t miss out on this practical and versatile solution—get yours‌ now by ⁣clicking‌ here!

Customer ⁣Reviews ⁤Analysis

Clear Wall Protector: The Ultimate Solution for Kitchen ​Oil Proofing ‌- Our Review

Customer‌ Reviews‌ Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews, we have gathered valuable insights ⁤about ​the COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper‌ Kitchen Oil Proof Waterproof Sticker. Here’s what customers have to ‍say about ⁣this product:

Review Rating
Great product. Sticks and protects the walls so well!

protective for wall , ⁢can clean it with wipes , your‌ wall look still the same because of transparent plastic

I bought this to use on my laundry room​ door for⁤ easy clean ‌up​ from dirty and oily ​hand prints ⁤wearing my paint down. So far so good. 4/5
Easily applied, cut nicely to size needed. Made spatter from cooking easy to clean up. 5/5
We rent and I⁢ bought this to apply to various ‍places ​to protect the wall and behind⁢ the stovetop⁤ so things stay clean⁤ while we are here. It sticks⁤ very easily and was harder‍ to⁤ pull off than I expected or wanted it to be when I⁣ needed ⁢to adjust it. I’m nervous ⁤now that ​when I go to remove it when ⁤we move out that ​it might take paint with it. I will⁤ update in ​a year or so if that happens. 4/5
I bought this to put on the inside of the door of our pull-out trash⁤ cabinet. You know,‌ to keep ​any splatters, etc to a minimum, or at least so it was easy to wipe them up. I can’t‍ speak to the durability of the ​product yet as I just put it on. I will say it went on easy and seems to be sticky enough that I won’t have to worry about it coming off. Very pleased. 5/5
If you put this on, it sticks great. However, if you peel it off it leaves behind a LOT of very difficult to remove adhesive. Unfortunately, we needed‍ to be able to remove it ‍and this is​ not an​ option since it ‌leaves behind adhesive that is gooey. 3/5
Recently repainted the house‌ with semigloss and added this film below our coat hook. Protects the walls from zippers, scuffs, ​and‌ the dog’s harness from ‌putting little marks on the wall. I would recommend only unpeeling small sections at a time while using a card or flat edge to lightly scrape onto the surfaces. Just‌ think of it ‌like a very large⁢ screen ⁤protector. No bubbles ​or anything. Try not to overstretch it and cut sheets to size before trying to apply. Can’t comment⁢ on applying to tile or matte finished walls. Very strong adhesive. 5/5
It sticks perfectly, I had⁢ purchased others⁢ as well but this one outperformed. 5/5
Way way way too expensive. Does worth the price. ⁣Look like it is ​a dollar store item. 2/5
It’s advertised as removable protection. What I received was a cheap ‌roll of clear contact. Item not⁤ as advertised and awful⁣ for the price. It’s sad when this happens. 2/5
The adhesive is good, the clear⁣ sheet can be peeled off and re-applied multiple times. However, ⁢due to the⁣ nature of clear plastic, it ‍is tricky to ​apply in large sheets like one can apply wallpaper. Imagine trying to apply a large sheet ‍of cello ⁢tape… it can get entangled⁢ in its own sticky nature. At the ‍beginning, I cut large sheets and wasted the part ⁤I was ‍trying to apply, as I couldn’t⁢ control⁤ how the sheet was folding and sticking to itself. Then, ⁤I figured out that I can cut smaller pieces,⁤ which‍ are the length of my outstretched hands when ​my⁣ fingers ⁤are splayed out.​ That ‌was a manageable length, but the ⁣process ⁢was a bit tedious as⁤ it takes longer to‍ apply smaller pieces. Use this product as ​a DIY,⁣ if you have patience and deft hands. Else get⁣ someone⁣ else to do it for you, to avoid making a mess⁤ and frustrating yourself. Once I figured⁢ it out‌ I was quicker with it. I will be ordering 2 more rolls as I am​ only halfway through with the waterproofing using⁢ this product. I applied ‍wallpaper to my wardrobe and I would‍ like to⁢ be able ‌to spray it down with a wet cleaner when needed. Also,‌ wallpaper will change color as dust and dirt settle on it. So I’m using this product to preserve my paper. 3/5
First of⁢ all, it came torn from⁣ the side ⁣making it very difficult to stick‌ the sheet ‌properly, and the back of the sticker doesn’t‍ even come⁢ off properly ⁤leaving bits and pieces that are ⁤impossible to remove. 1/5

Based on the‌ reviews, here is a summary of the⁢ key points:

  • The product has a strong adhesive that sticks well to walls.
  • It is easy ⁣to clean with wipes, maintaining the transparency of the plastic.
  • Customers have used this product⁢ to protect walls in various areas‍ such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and trash cabinets.
  • Some users have experienced difficulty in⁣ removing ⁤the sticker, as it leaves ⁣behind gooey adhesive.
  • Customers have found it useful in preventing marks and damage caused by ⁤zippers,‌ scuffs, and harnesses.
  • Pricing has been a concern⁤ for​ some, with a perception that the product is overpriced compared to its quality.
  • There were instances where customers received⁣ a ⁢product that did not match the advertised description.
  • Applying the sticker ⁤in large sheets ⁣can be challenging,‌ but cutting smaller pieces helps with manageability.
  • Patience ​and deft hands are recommended for ⁢DIY application.

Overall, ⁣while the COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof⁤ Waterproof Sticker has received positive feedback for its functionality and stickiness, there are concerns regarding adhesive ⁣residue, ‍pricing, and some‍ quality inconsistencies. If⁢ you’re⁣ looking for a transparent wall protector, this product may be worth considering,​ but it’s important ⁣to ⁣carefully ‌follow application‍ instructions and manage expectations ⁢in ‌terms of long-term ‍durability and ease of removal.

Pros & Cons

Clear Wall Protector: The Ultimate Solution for Kitchen Oil Proofing - Our Review
1. Easy​ to Clean: The COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof‌ Sticker ‌is waterproof, making‍ it easy to clean⁢ with just a towel. No need for harsh cleaning tools that could damage the surface.
2. ​Versatile Application: ⁣This wall protector can be used on any smooth⁤ surface, including ⁢kitchen tile​ backsplashes, stoves, dishwashers, glass doors, windows, kitchen or bathroom ⁤tiles, glasses, household appliances, and even air conditioners.
3.⁢ Heat-Resistant: The clear wallpaper is made of‍ heat-resistant ‍PVC material. While ⁣it​ can⁢ withstand moderate temperatures, it is important to note that the maximum temperature‌ should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. Direct contact⁣ with fire‍ sources should ‍be avoided, and a ⁢distance ⁤of more than 20cm should ​be maintained during use.
4.⁤ Waterproof and Oil-Proof: The clear wallpaper is not⁤ only resistant to oil but also waterproof, providing an effective barrier ‍against spills and ⁣splatters in the kitchen.
5. Removable‍ and Residue-Free: When it’s time for‌ a ‍change or ⁢if you need to reposition the‍ wallpaper, it can be⁣ easily removed without leaving any residue behind.
6. Customer Support: The ‍product⁣ comes ⁢with excellent customer support. If you encounter any issues or problems ‌with‍ the product, the company is responsive ‍and ready to provide⁤ you with solutions.


  1. Temperature Limitation: Although the material is heat-resistant, it has a maximum temperature limit of​ 70 degrees Celsius. Users should be cautious‍ and avoid direct contact with‌ fire sources to prevent damage.
  2. Limited Size‌ Options: The COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper is available in a single size ⁤of 11.8⁤ inches ‌by 118 inches. This ⁢may not be sufficient for ‍covering larger kitchen areas or multiple surfaces, requiring ⁤users to purchase multiple rolls.
  3. Installation Process: The installation process may require⁤ some​ patience and precision. Users⁢ will need to peel ​off a layer of plastic wallpaper and ensure proper alignment before sticking it to the wall. However, with careful attention, a satisfactory result​ can be achieved.

Overall, the COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper ⁤Kitchen Oil Proof‌ Sticker offers a convenient and effective solution for‌ oil-proofing and protecting ​kitchen⁢ surfaces. Its easy cleaning‍ process, versatile ⁣application, and‍ heat-resistant properties make it a practical choice. While it ‍has‌ some limitations‌ in terms of temperature ‌and size options, the product’s removability ‌and reliable ⁣customer support add value to the ​overall experience.


Clear Wall ‍Protector: The Ultimate Solution for Kitchen Oil Proofing -⁢ Our Review
Q: What ⁣makes the COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen‌ Oil ‍Proof Waterproof ‌Sticker a great‍ solution for kitchen oil proofing?

A: The COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen‍ Oil Proof ‍Waterproof Sticker is an excellent ‌choice for kitchen⁣ oil proofing due to its remarkable features. Firstly, it is⁤ waterproof, ‍making it⁣ incredibly easy to‌ clean. ⁢With a simple swipe of a towel, the oil can be effortlessly wiped away, leaving the surface clean and grease-free. However, it is⁢ important to note that using a cleaning ‌ball or a hard cleaning cloth should be avoided, as it may lead ‌to scratches on the surface.

Q: Where ⁤can the COSNIGHT ​Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof ⁤Waterproof Sticker be applied?

A: The COSNIGHT Clear ‍Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof Waterproof Sticker is versatile and ⁣can be applied on ‌any ‌smooth surface. ​It is perfect⁢ for kitchen ​tile backsplash, stove,‌ dishwasher, glass door, window glass, kitchen or bathroom tile, glasses,‌ household appliances, and even air conditioners.‌ Its ability ⁢to adhere to various surfaces makes it a convenient solution for oil proofing⁣ in ⁤any part ⁢of ⁤your kitchen.

Q: What are the key features of the COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof Waterproof⁤ Sticker?

A: The COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof Waterproof ⁣Sticker boasts several important features. Firstly, it is heat-resistant, ensuring durability even in high-temperature ‌environments. However, it is ‍essential to ⁢note that the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 ⁢degrees, and direct contact with a fire source⁣ should be avoided. Additionally, it is​ both‌ waterproof and oil-proof, providing ⁣excellent ⁣protection against liquid⁤ and‌ grease stains. It is made from a heat-resistant PVC material, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness in oil proofing your kitchen.

Q: How do I use the COSNIGHT ⁢Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof Waterproof​ Sticker?

A: To use the COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof Waterproof Sticker, simply peel off a layer of ⁣plastic wallpaper to expose the adhesive side. This adhesive allows for easy application, eliminating the need for ⁢additional glue. Once applied to the desired surface, it provides reliable protection against oil and stains,‍ ensuring a ⁣clean and hygienic kitchen environment.

Q: ⁢What if I encounter any issues with the COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper​ Kitchen Oil Proof Waterproof Sticker?

A: Our priority is your satisfaction. If you ⁣encounter any product-related problems or have any concerns, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We value your feedback and will⁣ provide you with ⁤prompt and effective solutions to ensure your experience with​ the‌ COSNIGHT Clear Wallpaper Kitchen Oil Proof Waterproof⁢ Sticker is nothing ⁤short of exceptional.

Unleash Your True Potential

Clear Wall Protector: The Ultimate Solution for Kitchen Oil Proofing - ⁣Our Review
In ​conclusion, the COSNIGHT ​Clear Wall ⁣Protector truly lives up to its name as the ultimate solution⁢ for kitchen oil proofing. ⁣With ⁤its easy-to-clean,​ waterproof sticker, you‍ can say goodbye to stubborn oil stains and hello to a ‌pristine kitchen. ‍

The versatility of this⁢ product is also impressive, ​as it can ⁣be applied⁣ to any ‌smooth surface in your kitchen or bathroom. Whether it’s the⁢ tile backsplash, stove, dishwasher, or even⁤ glass doors ⁤and windows, the COSNIGHT Clear Wall⁣ Protector has got you covered.

Not only is it heat-resistant, waterproof, and oil-proof, but it also provides ‍a layer of protection for your walls and surfaces. However, it’s important to note that⁣ the maximum temperature⁣ should not exceed⁤ 70 degrees,⁤ and⁢ direct ‍contact with a fire source should ‌be avoided.

We understand that problems may arise, but rest assured that we are here to solve any product-related issues you may encounter. Simply let ⁣us know, and we will‍ provide you with ⁤effective solutions.

To experience the benefits of the COSNIGHT Clear ​Wall Protector for yourself, click on the ⁤link below and get ‌it from ‌Amazon today:

Get the COSNIGHT Clear Wall Protector now!

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