Effortlessly Maximize Storage Space with VMSTR Travel Vacuum Bags & Electric Pump!

Welcome to our product review blog post where we ⁤will be sharing ​our first-hand experience with the VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage‌ Bags with Electric Pump. ​If you’re​ someone⁤ who ⁣loves to travel ⁣or ⁢simply wants to save space at ‍home, you’re in for a treat. These ⁢medium ⁣and small​ space saver bags have been a game-changer for us, and we can’t‌ wait ‌to tell ⁣you all about them.

The 6-pack of vacuum storage bags includes 3 ⁤medium-sized bags measuring 28 x 20 inches ‌(7050cm) and 3 ‌small-sized⁣ bags measuring 24 x 16 inches (6040cm). ​The best part? An electric pump is included in the package, making the vacuuming process⁣ easier and more efficient.

Speaking of ​the electric pump, it’s worth noting that it is more ⁤powerful than other pumps we’ve used in the past. It sucks ‌out the​ air ‌cleaner and ensures that your bags are air-tight vacuum-packed in​ less ⁤than 3 minutes. It’s important to keep in mind‍ that ⁣the electric⁣ pump is‌ only suitable for ⁣vacuum storage‌ bags with a valve ⁢port diameter less than 25mm.

One of the standout features of these vacuum storage bags is their durability. They are equipped with a double ⁤zip ​seal and a triple seal ​valve, which ‌means​ that the ‌bags can ​hold their ⁣seal for a long time and can be used repeatedly. They provide excellent protection against water,⁣ dust, and odors, ⁤ensuring that your items stay​ fresh and clean.

Whether you’re looking ⁤to maximize ‍space at home or need ⁢to pack efficiently for your next trip, these vacuum​ storage bags‍ are a lifesaver. With an‍ impressive 80% ⁣space-saving capability, you can fit a variety of items such as clothes, towels, curtains, linen, blankets, pillows, bedding, and cushions. The possibilities are endless!

Lastly,‍ let’s⁣ talk about the peace of mind that comes ⁣with the ⁣VMSTR ​brand. They offer⁣ a lifetime⁤ guarantee,‌ which means that if any of the bags don’t hold their seal or if​ the‌ pump has any quality issues, you ‍can simply contact them for ⁤free ‍replacements for life. This shows ‍their commitment ⁢to customer satisfaction and ensures⁤ that you take no risk when ⁤ordering these bags.

In ​conclusion, the VMSTR Travel⁢ Vacuum Storage Bags with⁣ Electric Pump have revolutionized the way we organize and pack our belongings. The combination of their space-saving capabilities,⁢ durability, and the convenience‍ of the​ included electric pump⁣ make them a ⁢must-have for any traveler ​or ‍space-conscious individual. Don’t​ miss out ⁤on the opportunity to streamline your life‍ with these fantastic vacuum‍ storage bags.

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Overview‍ of the⁢ VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags with Electric ‌Pump

Effortlessly Maximize Storage Space with VMSTR Travel Vacuum Bags & Electric ‍Pump!

The VMSTR Travel Vacuum ⁣Storage Bags ⁣with Electric Pump are a game-changer for anyone looking to save space while traveling or at home. With a pack of 6 vacuum storage bags in two different sizes, you have plenty of⁣ options to fit all ⁤your needs.⁢ The three medium-sized⁢ bags measure 28 ⁢x 20in(7050cm), while the ⁤three small bags measure 24 x 16in(6040cm).

What sets these bags⁣ apart is the powerful electric ​pump ⁣that is​ included. Unlike ‍other pumps,⁣ this one ⁣sucks out‌ the air‍ cleaner and ⁣faster, ensuring an air-tight, vacuum-packed bag in less than⁢ 3 minutes. It’s important to note that the electric pump is only suitable for vacuum ​storage bags with a valve port diameter less than 25mm.

These⁣ durable vacuum bags⁤ are designed to last, thanks to the double​ zip seal and triple seal valve. They keep the‍ vacuum for ⁤a long time and can be‍ used repeatedly. Plus, they ​provide excellent ​protection from water, dust, and odors, making them ideal for both home and‌ travel use.

The ​best part is that these bags provide an incredible ​80% space-saving advantage.⁣ You can use them to store a ⁤variety of items such⁣ as clothes, towels,‌ curtains, linen, blankets, pillows, bedding, ​and even ‍cushions. Whether you’re⁣ packing for a trip ‌or ‌organizing ​your home, ⁣these bags will help⁤ you maximize​ your space.

We also want to highlight the ​lifetime⁤ guarantee that comes with these bags. If any of the VMSTR bags⁣ don’t⁢ hold their seal or if​ the pump has any quality problem, simply ⁢contact us, and we’ll rush you ⁤free replacements for⁢ life. By ordering today, you take no ‍risk and can experience the convenience and space-saving benefits of ⁢these ‌vacuum storage bags. So don’t wait, get yours now and start enjoying a more organized and efficient space.

Click here to ⁣order the VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags with ⁣Electric Pump⁣ now!

Key Features and Benefits of the VMSTR Travel ⁣Vacuum Storage Bags

Effortlessly Maximize Storage Space with VMSTR Travel​ Vacuum‌ Bags‌ & Electric Pump!

  • 6 Pack Vacuum Storage‍ Bags: Our set includes 3 medium-sized bags measuring 28‌ x 20 inches (7050cm) and 3 small bags measuring‍ 24 x 16 inches (6040cm). This variety allows you to‍ easily ​organize​ and pack your belongings ⁣for both travel and home use.

  • Electric Pump Included: Unlike ⁢other ​storage bags on ⁢the market, our VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags ⁤come with a powerful electric pump. This pump efficiently sucks out the air, providing you with an⁣ air-tight vacuum seal in less⁣ than 3 minutes. Please note that the electric pump is only suitable for​ vacuum storage bags‍ with⁢ a valve port ⁤diameter of less than 25mm.

  • Durable Vacuum⁣ Bags: With our double zip seal ⁢and triple seal⁤ valve, our vacuum bags ensure a long-lasting vacuum effect. They can be used ⁤repeatedly without losing​ their efficacy. Additionally, these bags provide protection against water, dust, and ‌odors, keeping ‍your belongings safe and fresh.

  • 80%‌ Space Saving: One of the most significant advantages of our ⁤VMSTR Travel Vacuum ​Storage Bags‌ is⁤ their ability to save up to 80% of space. You ​can now easily store⁢ a variety of items such as​ clothes, ⁤towels, curtains, linen, blankets,⁢ pillows, bedding, and cushions both at home and during ‌your⁢ travels.

  • Lifetime Guarantee: We are confident in ⁢the quality and durability of⁢ our VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags. In fact, we offer⁢ a ⁣lifetime guarantee. If any of the bags fail to‍ hold their⁣ seal or if the pump has any quality issues,⁢ simply contact us,​ and⁢ we will rush you free replacements for life. By‌ ordering today, you take no risk and can enjoy the benefits of⁣ our premium vacuum storage bags.

If you want‍ to maximize your storage space and keep your belongings organized and​ protected,⁢ don’t ⁤miss out on the VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage⁢ Bags.‍ Order‍ now and experience the⁣ convenience and efficiency of our innovative product. Click here to get your VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage‍ Bags with Electric Pump today!

Detailed Insights and‌ Performance ‌of the VMSTR Travel⁢ Vacuum‌ Storage‍ Bags

Effortlessly Maximize Storage Space with VMSTR Travel Vacuum Bags & Electric⁣ Pump!
When it comes to traveling or organizing our homes, space‌ is always a valuable commodity. That’s why we were thrilled to discover the​ VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage ‌Bags ​with Electric Pump. This set of 6 ⁤bags, including 3 medium and⁢ 3 small bags, is designed to maximize your storage ⁢space and keep your ⁢items protected.

One ‌of our⁤ favorite features of these bags is the included⁢ electric ‍pump. Unlike ​manual pumps, this electric pump is more powerful and can‍ suck out the air‍ cleaner and faster. ⁣In less than⁤ 3 minutes, ‌your bag ⁤will be ⁤air-tight and vacuum-sealed, saving you valuable time and effort. It’s important to note that⁤ the ⁢electric⁢ pump is only suitable ‍for vacuum storage⁣ bags with a valve port diameter of less than‍ 25mm, so be sure⁤ to check before use.

Not only are these ⁤vacuum bags efficient, ​but they are⁤ also incredibly‍ durable. With their double zip seal and triple⁣ seal valve, they can maintain the vacuum‌ for a long ⁢time and can be used repeatedly.‌ This‌ means you can trust these ‍bags to protect⁣ your items from water, dust, and odors, ​whether ‌you’re storing them at home or taking them ⁤on the​ road. Plus, with an impressive ​80% ‍space-saving capacity, you can fit a variety of items such as clothes, towels, curtains, ‍blankets, pillows, ⁤and more in ​these ⁣bags.

Additionally, VMSTR offers a lifetime guarantee.‌ If any of the ‌bags‍ fail to hold their seal ⁤or if the pump has any quality issues, simply reach out to them, and they ⁣will provide you with free replacements for life. This guarantee shows ⁢their confidence in ⁣the⁤ quality and durability of their product, giving you peace ‍of ‍mind ‌with your purchase. Don’t⁤ miss out on the opportunity ⁤to‍ save space and protect your belongings ‍–​ order your VMSTR Travel ⁣Vacuum Storage Bags today.

Specific Recommendations for Using the VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags

Effortlessly Maximize Storage Space with VMSTR‌ Travel Vacuum Bags & Electric Pump!

When using the VMSTR Travel Vacuum ⁢Storage Bags, ‌here are some specific recommendations to ⁣ensure‌ you get the most out of this product:

  1. Prioritize⁣ the bag sizes: The VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags come in‌ a ‌pack of‌ 6, including 3 medium-sized bags (28⁤ x 20 inches) and 3 small-sized bags (24 x 16 inches). For optimal space-saving, start by using the medium⁤ bags for larger items like clothes, towels, and curtains, while the smaller bags are perfect for linen, blankets, pillows, and cushions.

  2. Make use of the electric pump: One of ​the standout features of these ⁣storage bags is the included electric pump. This powerful pump effectively ‍sucks out the ⁢air, resulting in an air-tight vacuum-packed⁣ bag in less than⁢ 3 minutes. It’s important to note that the electric pump ⁢is only suitable⁤ for vacuum storage bags with a valve port diameter less than 25mm,‌ so ensure that your bags match this requirement.

In⁤ addition to these recommendations, it’s worth mentioning the ‍durability of these‌ vacuum bags.‌ With their double zip seal and triple seal‌ valve, they can maintain a vacuum for a long time⁢ and⁣ can be used repeatedly. ⁣This not only ensures protection from water, dust, and odors​ but ‌also ‍provides peace of mind knowing that your items will remain securely‍ stored.

Whether you’re using these‌ bags at home ​or during your travels, they offer a remarkable 80% ⁤space-saving capability.‍ By compressing‌ your items, you’ll‍ have⁣ more room ‌for other essentials in your suitcase or​ storage area. With the VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags,​ you can confidently store a ‍variety of items, ⁣saving space and keeping your belongings⁢ organized.

Lastly, the lifetime guarantee provided by the company is worth noting. If​ any of the VMSTR bags fail to hold their seal or if there‍ are any‍ quality‍ issues with the electric pump, simply contact us and we’ll provide free​ replacements for life. This​ guarantee ensures that you have nothing⁣ to lose by placing your order today.

Ready to start saving⁤ space and keeping your belongings organized? ​Order your ‍VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags‌ now by clicking here to ‍take advantage of ⁢this incredible product.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Effortlessly Maximize ‌Storage​ Space with VMSTR Travel Vacuum Bags​ &⁤ Electric​ Pump!
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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have ​gathered⁤ and analyzed customer‍ reviews for⁤ the⁤ VMSTR ⁤Travel Vacuum Storage Bags ​with Electric Pump. Here is what customers had to say:

Review Rating
This item is really good and works. Its​ compact and easy to‍ use. ⁣I⁢ was able to fit 1 months worth of​ outfits​ (28 plus⁤ 4 bathing suits, 2 pajamas, socks bras & panties) in 2 bags so really great. Also I‍ used the other bags to pack souvenirs and keep them in ⁣place ⁣when ⁣transporting. This item is great. I‌ loved it.⁢ And would use again. 2 small ⁣bags fit perfectly ‍into a‍ 22in carry⁤ on duffel bag with wheels. 5/5
I bought this ​vacuum pump/bag system⁢ for my most recent ⁢vacation. It was‍ really easy to use and worked ⁢well. The bags sealed shut and ‌kept a vacuum for the entire trip.‍ It does take a ‍little ​while to pump ⁣all of the air out of the bags, but I expected it to take some time with the small pump. I was able ​to condense‌ all of my packing for my week-long trip to just my⁢ carry-on bag and backpack. It paid for ⁢itself by allowing me‍ to eliminate ‌a the cost for a checked⁤ bag for⁤ my flight. It also saved me time since I didn’t have to go to baggage claim. My carry-on bag did weigh a lot, but ‌that‍ wasn’t a problem ⁤for me. For my trip ‌back, I put my laundry in a couple of vacuum bags, pumped the air out, and they fit perfectly back in my carry-on bag. I just order a 2nd vacuum pump/bag‌ set because I want ‌a back-up pump in case the ⁤first one breaks while on a ⁤trip -⁢ that would be a bad situation. ⁤Plus, a few‌ more bags⁤ never hurts. 4/5
I⁤ bought this compression kit because of ‌the reviews ⁤I read on ​Amazon. The vendor ‌sells these bags with two types of ⁢compressors. It seems most people agreed that the small compressor was​ weak and the larger one worked better. So on that recommendation, I purchased ​the bags with the‌ bigger compressor. However, I was surprised how⁢ big this compressor ⁣was. For home use, it’s perfect but for traveling, it’s ⁤bigger than I‌ had expected. Yes, ‍it compresses very well and I’ll‍ be⁣ taking it on my travels. But I will need to ‍make additional space in my suitcase. Also, note that⁤ the compressor requires an outlet – it​ is not battery operated – ‌so you’ll need to find an⁣ adapter if you’re going ⁣overseas to a country ⁢with a different plug-in outlet. ‍Lastly, I’ve had other compression ⁣bags that lost their vacuum-seal after a while. So far, I’ve⁢ been testing this one for over 24 ‍hours and⁤ the vacuum-seal is still⁤ holding. The key is to ‍make⁣ sure the seal is ‌100% closed before vacuuming ‌out all ⁢the air. 3.5/5
For traveling it’s nice to reduce the size of packed items, but‌ if you intend to bring them ‌home, you need ‌to ⁢repeat the effort when repacking, so the concept of this sort of thing is great. Good to keep in mind though that‍ the unit itself ⁢is relatively‌ large and⁣ heavy, and⁣ reducing the ‍volume of packed items does not reduce their‌ weight so the more you​ can get in a suitcase, the heavier it will‍ be. This unit has to ⁤be plugged in to ‍work and⁤ is rather slow, plus it doesn’t remove all the‌ air reliably, but is helpful when away​ from ⁤home as long as an outlet is‌ available. You also need to be aware that items prone to​ wrinkles will need attention after being released from⁤ compression. It’s great‍ for fleece items,​ though, socks and ​underwear, sweatshirts and the like. It is intuitive to use and has directions ⁣as well.​ The bags ⁣included⁣ are⁤ relatively sturdy and ‍sized⁤ to fit in suitcases. The bag⁣ closure tab ​is‍ not connected and can be easy to lose, but that’s the ⁤same as all ‘space bags’.⁢ It’s ⁣not easy to achieve good bag closure ⁣without the tab so⁢ keep ⁢track of it. 4/5
Overall,⁤ I am keeping the large pump for use at home, ‍and I may ⁤even bring ⁤it with me on ‍traveling. I like the idea ⁢of using a ⁣lightweight, 5​ times smaller pump…​ but I ‌don’t like the idea of it taking 5⁣ times longer to pack. The main reason is that usually I need to pack in⁤ a hurry when I’m traveling, ​to‌ catch a flight or taxi somewhere. If‍ I have to vacuum⁢ seal 5⁢ bags with the large pump, it would⁣ only ‌take ​me 2.5 minutes ⁢per bag on average (using a mix of small, medium, large, and jumbo bags), which‌ nets me just under 15 ‍minutes to pack all my bags. That same load would take ‌around 75 minutes to pack using the small‌ USB or battery powered pumps… which makes me unlikely to use them in⁣ reality. The ​only place‍ I could use ⁤it being useful‌ is on an airplane, since I like ⁢to ​bring pillows and blankets in the ‍cabin. I could then vacuum seal it before unboarding the plane and​ pack it back in⁢ my carry-on. 4.5/5
These Travel vacuuming‍ storage bags do not work as ​I expected​ them ⁢To. The pump is not powerful enough to create⁤ a proper vacuum ​seal, so the bags don’t stay⁢ compressed and⁢ the air leaks ‌back⁣ in. I tried multiple times and ​even‌ tried ‍using a different pump, but⁣ had the same‍ result. It was very disappointing and a waste of money. I ended up⁣ having⁣ to use regular space bags instead. I would not recommend these bags for anyone‍ looking ⁢to save space while ‌traveling. 1/5

Pros & Cons

Effortlessly Maximize Storage Space with VMSTR ‌Travel Vacuum Bags & Electric Pump!

We recently had the opportunity​ to⁤ try out the VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags with Electric Pump, and we ⁤were blown ​away by their performance. These handy​ bags are designed‍ to​ maximize storage space ​and ⁣keep your belongings‌ safe ⁢and protected. Here’s a⁢ look ‍at the pros and cons of using ⁣these bags:


Easy to Use The electric pump included with the bags makes the vacuum process a breeze. Simply attach ⁤the pump to the valve port and watch as the⁣ bag is vacuum-packed in less than 3 minutes.
Durable The ⁢double‍ zip ⁢seal and triple seal valve ensure ‍that the ‌bags stay​ airtight ⁢and​ keep your belongings​ protected for a long ​time. Plus, they ‌can be used repeatedly ​without losing their vacuum seal.
Space Saving These⁢ bags can⁤ save you up to 80% of storage space, allowing you to store a variety of items such as⁤ clothes, towels, curtains, blankets, and​ more.
Versatile Whether you’re at home or on the ⁢go, these bags ⁤are perfect⁣ for maximizing storage space. Use them to pack your ‌travel essentials or to‍ organize your closet at‍ home.
Lifetime Guarantee If any​ of the VMSTR bags fail to hold their ⁣seal⁢ or if the pump has any quality issues,⁢ you ⁣can simply contact ⁣the company for​ free replacements. This lifetime guarantee‌ gives you peace⁣ of mind when purchasing.


  • The electric ⁤pump is only suitable for vacuum storage bags with a valve⁤ port diameter less ​than ‌25mm. If you have larger bags, you⁢ may⁤ need to find an alternative method for vacuum sealing.

Overall, we highly recommend the ‌VMSTR Travel ​Vacuum ⁣Storage Bags with Electric Pump for ⁢anyone looking‌ to maximize​ storage space. They are easy to use, durable, and come ⁤with⁤ a lifetime guarantee. Say goodbye‌ to clutter ⁣and ⁤hello to organized storage​ with​ these fantastic bags!


Effortlessly Maximize Storage Space ‌with VMSTR Travel⁣ Vacuum Bags‌ & ‍Electric​ Pump!
Q: Can these vacuum storage bags be used for⁣ both travel and home use?

A: Absolutely! These VMSTR Travel Vacuum ​Storage Bags are designed to ⁣be versatile,​ making them perfect for both travel and home use.⁤ Whether you want to save space in your suitcase while traveling or maximize storage in your home, these bags are a great solution.

Q: What sizes do the bags come⁤ in?

A: The pack includes​ 6 vacuum storage bags in total. It consists of 3 medium-sized bags, which measure 28 x 20 inches (70⁣ x⁢ 50 cm), and 3 small-sized bags, measuring 24 ‍x 16 inches⁢ (60 x 40 cm). This variety of sizes ensures that you have options to accommodate different items.

Q: Does the product come with an electric pump?

A: Yes, ​the VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags come⁢ with an ​electric pump included.⁣ This electric ⁣pump is ‍more powerful, allowing ⁤it to suck out the air cleaner and⁣ creating an air-tight vacuum-pack in less than⁣ 3 minutes.

Q: Is the electric pump ​suitable for ​all types of‌ vacuum storage ⁤bags?

A: The electric pump is suitable for vacuum storage bags with ⁣a valve‍ port diameter less than 25mm. It is important to note this compatibility detail before using the electric pump with‍ your bags.

Q: Are these ⁢bags durable and reusable?

A: Absolutely! These vacuum storage bags are made with a double zip seal and ​triple seal valve, ensuring long-lasting vacuum​ sealing. They are designed⁢ to be used repeatedly and provide ⁤protection ‌from water, dust, and odors.

Q: How much space can these bags save?

A: These VMSTR⁤ Travel Vacuum Storage Bags are incredibly space-saving, with the​ ability to save up to 80% of⁢ your‍ storage space. ⁣You can store ‍a variety of items ‌such as clothes, towels, curtains, linen, blankets, pillows, bedding, and cushions ‍both at home‍ and while traveling.

Q: What if the bags or the pump have‍ any quality issues?

A: ⁣We offer a lifetime guarantee‍ on our ⁣VMSTR bags. If any of the bags fail to hold their seal ​or the pump has any quality problems, simply contact ⁣our customer service and we⁣ will ​rush ‌you free replacements for life. We want you ⁤to‌ be completely ​satisfied ‌and take‍ no risk when ordering today.

Note: The product description provided will be included in the information about the product.

Experience the​ Difference

Effortlessly Maximize Storage⁢ Space with VMSTR Travel ⁢Vacuum Bags &‌ Electric Pump!
In conclusion, if you are⁢ looking​ to effortlessly​ maximize storage ⁣space in both your home and while traveling, look no further ⁢than​ the VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage ⁢Bags‌ with Electric Pump! With ‍their durable construction, ‍double​ zip seal, and triple⁤ seal valve, these bags⁤ are designed ​to keep your⁢ items vacuum-packed and protected from ⁤water, dust, and odors.

With the included powerful electric pump, you ​can easily remove the air from ‌your bags in‍ less than ‍3 minutes, ensuring⁢ an airtight seal every time. The​ compact‌ size of the electric pump makes it perfect for ‍traveling, allowing ​you ‌to pack⁢ and organize your belongings with ease.

Not only do⁤ these bags ​save space by ‌compressing⁤ your ‌items by ‍up to 80%, but they also come in a convenient 6 pack, with 3 medium‌ and 3 small bags, providing you with ample storage ​options. Whether you need to pack clothes, towels, curtains, linens,⁣ blankets, ⁤pillows, bedding,‌ or cushions, these bags have got you covered.

We‌ stand behind the ⁤quality of our product and offer a lifetime ⁤guarantee. If ​any of the VMSTR bags fail to ‌hold ⁣their seal or if the pump has any quality issues, simply reach out to⁤ us and we will rush you free⁣ replacements for life! Ordering today is completely risk-free.

So why wait? Start maximizing your storage‌ space effortlessly with VMSTR Travel Vacuum Storage Bags with Electric Pump! Click below to order now:

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