Power Up On-the-Go: Surface Pro Car Charger Review

If you’re constantly ⁤on the go⁢ and in need of a reliable power source⁤ for ⁣your Microsoft Surface devices, then the Surface‌ Car Charger is the perfect⁢ solution for you. With a 42W 12V 2.58A power‌ supply, this charger is compatible ‌with a range of Surface models including the⁤ Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 6, Surface Book, Surface Go, and Surface Laptop.​

One of the standout ⁢features of this car charger is ⁣the 5V 2.1A USB charging port, allowing you to charge an ‍additional device ‍such as your phone or iPad simultaneously. The ⁣5ft cord ‍provides​ flexibility⁢ in where you can place your device while it charges.

With a sleek and efficient design, this car charger is ⁣both practical and convenient. Plus,​ with a worry-free‍ return​ policy and⁣ a one-year⁤ warranty, you can rest⁣ assured that you’re getting a ⁢quality product.⁢ Say goodbye to⁣ low battery ‍anxiety ⁢with the Surface Car ⁣Charger ‌by your side.

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Power Up On-the-Go: Surface Pro Car Charger⁢ Review
The Surface Car ‌Charger we’re reviewing is a ​versatile power supply that’s compatible⁣ with a range of Microsoft Surface⁢ devices, including the Surface Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro 6, Surface Book, Surface Go, and Surface⁣ Laptop. It features a USB port for simultaneous ‍charging of another device, such as a phone or tablet, making it a convenient and practical choice for on-the-go charging needs.

With an input of DC 12-24V/3.5A and an output of DC 12V/2.58A, along with a USB output‍ of 5V 2.1A, this 42W power supply ensures efficient and reliable charging. Additionally, ⁢the 4.8 Ft Power‌ Cord provides flexibility and ⁣convenience⁢ during use.⁢ The product also comes with a worry-free service guarantee, offering a ⁢30-day return policy and a 1-year ⁤replacement warranty,‌ ensuring customer satisfaction. If you’re in need of a reliable car charger for⁤ your Microsoft Surface devices, this Surface Car Charger is definitely worth considering. Check it out on‍ Amazon for more‍ details.

Key​ Features and Benefits

Power Up ‍On-the-Go: Surface Pro‍ Car Charger Review
When it comes to the of our Surface Car Charger,‍ there are several ⁣standout elements that make it a ‍top-notch choice for powering your Microsoft Surface devices on the go. First and foremost, this car charger includes‌ a USB 5V 2.1A port, allowing you to recharge ‌your Surface⁢ device ⁢and another⁢ gadget simultaneously. This added convenience ensures ‍that‌ you can‍ stay ⁤connected and powered up while on the road.

In addition to its dual charging capabilities, our car charger boasts a sleek⁣ and ‍efficient design. With⁣ an output of DC 12V/2.58A‌ and a USB output of DC 5V ‌2.1A, this‍ 42W power supply is compatible with a ⁤range of⁤ Microsoft Surface models, including ⁤the Surface Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro ​6, Surface Book, Surface Go, and Surface Laptop. Plus, with a 4.8 ft power cord included, you’ll have plenty of length to​ reach your devices comfortably.⁣ For added peace ⁣of mind, our product is ⁤UL listed and comes with a 30-day return policy and a 1-year​ replacement guarantee, making ‌it a worry-free investment for all your ​charging needs. Get your Surface Car Charger today and power up your‌ devices on the go.

In-Depth Analysis‍ and Performance

Power Up On-the-Go: Surface Pro Car Charger Review
When it comes to the Surface Car Charger, we were pleasantly surprised​ by its . The charger is ‌not only‌ compatible with a wide range of‍ Microsoft Surface devices, but it also features a USB⁣ output⁣ for added convenience. This means that you can‌ effortlessly recharge your Surface device and another ⁤device simultaneously, such as your phone ⁢or iPad, ⁤making ⁤it‌ a versatile and practical choice for on-the-go charging needs.

Furthermore, the design of this 42W power supply ‍is not‍ only sleek and compact, but it also comes ⁣with⁤ a ⁣generous 4.8 Ft Power Cord for added flexibility. The inclusion of a ‌USB quick charge feature ensures that your devices ‍are powered up quickly, while the UL listing guarantees safety ⁣and peace of mind.‍ With a hassle-free return policy and ⁤a one-year⁢ replacement guarantee,⁣ this‍ Surface Car Charger truly delivers worry-free performance. Experience the convenience and⁣ efficiency of this charger for yourself -‌ get yours today from Amazon!

Recommendations for Best ‌Use

Power Up On-the-Go: Surface‍ Pro Car Charger Review
When using the Surface Car ⁤Charger, it’s important to ensure you have the right cable for your device. Here ‌are some :

  • For charging your Surface Pro, make sure you​ have a Surface Cable to ‌connect to the charger.
  • If you need to charge your Surface Laptop,​ also ensure you have the appropriate Surface Cable ⁤on hand.
  • For your Surface Book, you will need a 45W+ USB C Adapter for charging.

Additionally, take advantage of the USB Quick Charge feature ⁣by utilizing the ​5V 2.1A USB ​port on the charger. This allows you to recharge your device and another item simultaneously, ‌such ‌as your phone or iPad. Don’t ​forget to reach out to us if you are not completely satisfied with the product -‌ we offer a worry-free return policy within 30 days and a one-year⁣ replacement guarantee. Get ‌your Surface Car Charger now for maximum convenience on the⁣ go!

Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

Power Up On-the-Go: Surface Pro Car Charger Review

Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁣ looking through the customer reviews for the Surface Car ⁢Charger, ⁣it’s clear​ that this product has received mostly ‍positive feedback from users. Let’s break down some of the key ​points mentioned by customers:

Customer Review Key Points
Works great for Surface Go Effective ⁣charger with convenient ‍features
Perfect for Surface Pro ⁢7 Helps keep devices charged all​ day
Rapido y efectivo Fast delivery and​ effective product
On/off‍ switch and USB port Handy features for charging multiple devices
Sturdy and durable Quality build that⁢ stands the test of time
Perfect for travel Convenient solution for charging on the go

While the majority of customers are satisfied with the performance and ⁤durability of the Surface⁤ Car Charger, there was ‌one‍ user who experienced ⁤issues with the connector after frequent‌ use. It’s important to note that this ⁤could be an isolated incident, as most‍ users ⁤have reported⁢ no such problems. Overall, the feedback suggests that this charger is a reliable option⁢ for⁣ keeping your Microsoft Surface devices powered up while ⁢on the move.

Pros & Cons

Power ‌Up On-the-Go: ⁢Surface Pro Car ⁢Charger Review


  1. Compatible with​ various ‍Microsoft Surface devices including Surface ​Pro, ⁢Surface ⁤Book, Surface⁢ Laptop, and Surface Go.
  2. Comes with a 5V 2.1A ​USB charging port to charge an additional device simultaneously.
  3. Offers fast charging capabilities for phones and‌ tablets.
  4. UL listed for safety and quality assurance.
  5. Comes with a 30-day return policy‌ and 1-year replacement warranty for added peace of ⁤mind.


  1. May require specific surface cables for some devices, which are not included.
  2. Some users may find the ‌5ft cord length⁣ limiting in certain situations.
  3. Higher price point compared to standard car chargers on the market.


Power Up On-the-Go: Surface Pro Car Charger Review
Q: Will this car ‌charger ​work with all Microsoft‌ Surface devices?
A: Yes, this car ‍charger is designed to work with⁢ Microsoft Surface⁤ Pro​ 3, Pro 4, ⁣Pro 5, Pro 6, ⁢Surface Book, Surface Go, ⁤Surface Laptop, and other compatible ⁢Surface ‌devices.

Q: Can I charge multiple devices at the same time with this car charger?
A: Yes, you can ⁢charge your Surface ​device⁢ and‌ another device such as your phone or iPad simultaneously using the 5V 2.1A ‍USB charging port.

Q:‌ Is this car charger easy to use while on-the-go?
A:​ Absolutely! The 5ft power cord gives you flexibility to ‍use your devices comfortably even in ⁣the car. Plus, ⁢the USB quick‍ charge feature allows for convenient charging ⁣on-the-go.

Q: ⁢Is ⁢the product durable and long-lasting?
A: Yes, the Surface car‍ charger is UL listed and designed to be reliable and durable. Additionally, we offer a⁣ worry-free return policy within 30 days and a 1-year‍ replacement guarantee.

Q: Will this car charger provide fast charging for my ⁢Surface device?
A:‌ Yes, this ⁢car charger provides 42W power supply,⁣ ensuring efficient and quick​ charging ⁢for your Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Laptop, and other compatible devices.

Achieve New Heights

As we wrap up our review‌ of ​the ‌Surface Pro Car Charger,⁣ we can confidently say that this is a must-have accessory for anyone on ‍the⁣ go with their Microsoft Surface devices. With its quick ‌charging capabilities, sleek design, and⁣ worry-free service, this car charger⁢ is a convenient solution for keeping your devices ‍powered up‌ wherever ⁣you are.

If⁤ you’re ready to power up on-the-go‍ with⁢ the ‌Surface ‍Pro Car Charger, click ​on the link below to grab yours today:

Click here to purchase the Surface Pro⁣ Car Charger on Amazon

Stay‍ charged and stay​ connected with the Surface Pro Car Charger!

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