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Swinging Branch

Our Swinging Branch is a perfect solution if the ceiling is not an option, or when you simply think it’s a lovely finishing touch.
Why We Love It
The Swinging Branch is fixed to the wall. Your cradle can swing, rotate and bounce from it.
Made of unvarnished birch multiplex, a beautiful and strong wood. But of course you can paint it in your own preferred colours
Once your baby has outgrown the hanging cradle you can place a cot underneath the Swinging Branch and use it to suspend a lamp, mobile or mosquito net!

The Swinging Branch is easy to mount on the wall. It comes with all the necessary ironware, plugs, and a photo assembly manual.

Please note: it doesn't include the spring, since the spring already comes with our cradles.
Technical Details
20 inch (h), 9 inch (w)
distance from wall: 20 in.
Made of unvarnished birch multiplex, a lovely pale strong wood.
Can hold up to 176 lbs and is also suitable for the twin cradle.
Delivery and Returns
Shipment within 1 week after receiving your payment.
Shipping time to:
USA/Canada: 2/3 office days.
Asia/Australia: 2/4 office days.

NL/BE/GE: 1/2 office days
GB/FR/IT/AT/DK: 2/3 office days
ES: 3/4 office days
NO: 4/6 office days
SE: 3/7 office days

Returns: cancelation period is 14 days from the moment you receive your order. Please consult our Terms for more information.

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