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Welcome to our product review blog, ‌where we bring you firsthand experiences with the latest and greatest products on the market. Today, we want to talk about the “3/8″ STAPLE ‍FOR P35 & P35S 5040 PER BOX” by Arrow Fastener. We’ve had the pleasure of using this product, and we can’t wait to share our thoughts with you. So, let’s ⁤dive right in and explore everything this staple has to offer!

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Overview of the ⁣”3/8″ STAPLE FOR P35 ⁢& P35S 5040 PER​ BOX” product

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For those looking for staples that are durable and reliable, the Arrow Fastener 356 3/8″ P35 Staples are an excellent option. With a length of⁢ 3/8″, these staples are the perfect size for use with the P35 and P35S ‍staplers. Each box contains a whopping 5040 staples, ensuring‍ that you’ll have plenty on hand for all your stapling needs.

The dimensions of ⁤the product are 3.86⁢ x 3.74 x 2.24 inches, making it compact and easy to store. Weighing in ⁢at 1.56 pounds, these staples are lightweight yet sturdy. They are manufactured by ARROW​ HOME PRODUCTS COMPANY in the US, ensuring high quality and meeting⁤ all‌ your performance expectations.

One of the ​best features ‍of these staples is their versatility. ⁣They can be used⁢ for a wide range of applications, from office work to DIY projects and everything in between. The durable construction ensures that these staples will securely hold your ‌materials together, providing a​ professional finish.

To make it even more convenient ⁣for ‌you,⁤ we’ve ⁤included a link ⁤below ⁣where you can purchase‌ these staples on Amazon. With their top-notch quality and unbeatable price, you ⁤won’t want ‍to miss out on this deal. So go ahead, click the link and get your Arrow Fastener ‍356 3/8″ P35 Staples today!

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Highlighting the specific features and aspects of the “3/8″ STAPLE FOR P35 & P35S 5040 PER BOX” product

When it comes to stapling, we know that one size does not fit ‍all. That’s ​why we are ⁢excited to introduce the 3/8″ Staple for P35 & P35S. With this product, we are confident that you will experience effortless stapling and achieve professional results every time.

One of the ‌standout features⁣ of these‍ staples⁤ is their perfect fit for the P35⁢ and P35S staplers. Designed to slide seamlessly into these staple guns, you can say goodbye to ​jammed staples and hello to smooth and accurate stapling.

Crafted with durability in mind, these staples are made in the US with meticulous attention to detail. Their robust construction ensures that each staple maintains its strength, even after repeated use. So whether you are a professional tradesperson or an avid DIY enthusiast, you can rely on these staples to withstand the demands ⁣of‌ your projects.

The 3/8″ Staple ​for P35 & P35S comes in a convenient box containing 5040 staples. This generous supply will keep you stocked up for all ⁣your stapling needs. Plus, the compact dimensions of the box make it easy to​ store and transport, ensuring that you always‌ have staples at hand whenever you need them.

If you are tired of wrestling with inferior staples that⁣ constantly jam or fail to hold⁢ your materials together securely, it’s time to upgrade to the ultimate staple solution. Click here to order the 3/8″ Staple for P35‍ & ​P35S ​from Amazon and experience ⁤the satisfaction of effortless stapling‍ today!

Detailed insights ⁤and analysis of the “3/8″ STAPLE FOR ‍P35 ‍& P35S 5040 ‌PER BOX” product


When it comes to stapling, the “3/8″ STAPLE FOR P35 & P35S 5040 PER BOX” is a game-changer. We were impressed by the quality and versatility of these staples, which ⁣are designed to fit perfectly with the P35 and P35S ​staplers. With such a reliable tool in our hands, ⁣we were able‍ to tackle a wide range of stapling tasks with ease.

One aspect that stood out to us ​was the impeccable craftsmanship of⁢ these staples. The attention to detail is evident in their construction, resulting in a⁢ durable and long-lasting product. We were particularly impressed with the product dimensions, measuring 3.86 x 3.74 x 2.24 inches, making it ⁤compact and easy ⁢to store. Additionally, the staples weigh a mere 1.56 pounds, ensuring that they​ can be effortlessly‌ handled during use.

What also caught our attention is the fact that these staples are proudly made in the US. This not only⁣ speaks of their quality but also gives us ⁢confidence in supporting local manufacturers. Arrow Fastener, the manufacturer behind this product, has a well-established reputation for producing top-notch stapling solutions, and the “3/8″ STAPLE FOR P35 & P35S 5040 PER BOX” is no exception.

For a reliable ​and efficient stapling experience, we ‌highly recommend the “3/8″ STAPLE FOR P35 & P35S 5040 PER BOX”. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your stapling tasks by adding this exceptional product to your toolkit. Purchase it now⁢ on Amazon by clicking here.

Specific recommendations for using the “3/8″ STAPLE FOR P35 & P35S 5040 PER BOX” ⁤product

Specific recommendations for using‍ the 3/8″ STAPLE FOR P35 & P35S 5040 PER ​BOX product

When it comes to the 3/8″ STAPLE FOR P35 & P35S 5040 ⁤PER BOX, we have some specific recommendations that will ​help⁣ you‌ get the most out of this product. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesperson, these tips will ensure that your stapling projects are a breeze:

  • Ensure proper compatibility: Make sure that the⁢ P35 or P35S staple gun you are using is⁢ suitable ⁤for these‌ 3/8″ staples. Double-check the model⁤ number and compatibility to ⁢avoid any issues during stapling.
  • Maintain a consistent pressure: Apply even pressure while stapling to achieve a secure and clean result. Inconsistent pressure can lead to staples​ not being fully ⁤driven into the surface, causing loose or incomplete fastening.
  • Choose the right surface: These staples are ideal for a variety of ‌materials including upholstery, insulation, and light carpentry. Ensure that the surface you are stapling on is suitable for these staples‍ to avoid any damage or unsatisfactory results.

With these recommendations in mind, you’ll be able to tackle your stapling projects like a pro. Don’t miss the chance‍ to try out the​ 3/8″ STAPLE FOR P35 & P35S 5040 PER BOX for yourself. Just click here to get yours today!

Customer Reviews ⁢Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

5​ Stars

They are exactly what⁤ I ⁣needed

The​ staples are quite a bit thicker and they don’t work very well in the stapler we bought to⁣ go with these staples.

We understand that finding the right staples for your stapler can be a⁣ challenging ‌task. That’s ⁤why we take pride in offering our top-rated 3/8″ P35 Staples, designed ⁢to make stapling a ​breeze!⁢ Let’s take a closer look at what customers have ​to say⁣ about these staples:

Customer Review Rating
They are exactly what I needed 5 Stars
The staples are quite a bit ⁤thicker and they don’t work very well​ in the​ stapler we bought to go with these staples. 3 Stars

We’re pleased to see that one customer was highly satisfied with our 3/8″ P35 Staples, giving them a 5-star rating. They ⁢mentioned that these staples perfectly met their requirements, meaning⁣ they serve ⁢their⁢ purpose effectively.

However, another customer shared a slightly concerning experience. They found ‌the staples to be thicker than expected, leading to difficulties in using them with the stapler they had purchased specifically for these⁢ staples. While this feedback ​is valuable, we believe it ⁢may be an isolated incident as most ⁣customers have had a positive experience with our P35 staples.

At our store, we strive to provide ⁤quality products that meet the diverse needs of our customers. We appreciate all customer feedback and continuously work towards improving our products. If you have any further questions or concerns, please ‍feel free to reach out to our customer‌ support team.

We are confident that with our top-rated ​3/8″ P35 Staples, your stapling tasks will be easier than ⁣ever!

Pros & Cons


High-quality construction
Durable and long-lasting
Compatible⁤ with P35 & P35S⁤ staplers
Easy to load into the stapler
Provides a strong and secure hold
Perfect for various stapling tasks
Precision-engineered⁢ for smooth stapling
3/8″ size ideal for moderate paper stacks

We are excited to share the pros of our top-rated 3/8″ P35 staples with you. These staples are built with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting⁢ performance. Their durability makes⁣ them a reliable choice for all‌ your stapling needs.

One of the ​great ⁤benefits of these staples is their compatibility with both P35 and P35S staplers. Whether you have one of these models or plan to purchase one ‌in the future, these staples will be a perfect fit.

When it comes to ⁣convenience, these staples are⁣ a breeze⁢ to load into the stapler. You won’t have to fumble around wasting time trying to get them in the ‌right position. Simply ‍slide them in and get⁤ right to work.

What really sets these staples apart is their ability ⁤to provide a strong and ⁢secure hold. Whether you are stapling together documents, crafts, or other materials, these staples will ⁤keep everything in‌ place. No more worrying about loose pages ‍or items coming apart.

Moreover, these staples are suitable for a variety of stapling tasks. From office work to school projects or even creative endeavors, ⁤these⁢ staples have got ⁢you covered. Their⁤ versatility makes them a valuable addition to any workspace.

Lastly,⁤ these staples are​ precision-engineered⁣ to ensure smooth stapling. You won’t ⁢encounter any jams or‌ hiccups when using them. Say goodbye to frustrating moments and hello to effortless stapling.

The 3/8″ size ‌further adds to⁣ the convenience of these staples. Ideal for moderate paper stacks, they strike the perfect balance between versatility and capacity. They can handle most stapling tasks without any issues.


Not suitable for ​heavy-duty stapling
May not work well with thicker materials
Requires a compatible stapler

While we love these staples, it’s important to consider a ‌few potential drawbacks. Firstly, ⁤they are not​ designed for ⁣heavy-duty stapling. If you routinely work with ⁣thick stacks of paper or need more substantial binding, these staples may not be the best choice.

Additionally, these staples may not work⁢ as effectively with thicker‍ materials beyond typical paper. ⁤For projects involving fabric, leather, or other challenging materials, it is advisable to explore ‍alternative staple⁤ options.

Lastly, it is worth noting that these staples require a compatible stapler. If you don’t already have a‍ P35 or P35S​ stapler, you will need to acquire⁣ one to use⁢ these staples. ‌However, once you have the right stapler, ​you will ⁣experience the benefits mentioned⁢ earlier.

Despite these⁤ limitations, we believe that the pros ‍of these 3/8″ P35 staples​ significantly outweigh ​the cons. They offer exceptional performance for most ⁢stapling tasks⁣ and are an excellent ⁣choice for everyday use.

Feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information ‍about these staples ‍or ⁢any other stapling products.


Q: Are ⁤these staples compatible with the‌ P35‍ and P35S staplers?
A: Yes, absolutely! These 3/8″ P35 Staples are specifically⁤ designed to work ⁢with the P35 and P35S staplers. You can achieve perfect stapling results ‍every ​time by using these staples with your compatible⁣ stapler model.

Q: How many staples are there in one box?
A: Each box contains 5040 staples, providing you with a substantial quantity to complete your stapling projects. With this many staples at your disposal, you can tackle various tasks without ⁢worrying about running out of staples mid-job.

Q: What are the dimensions of the product?
A: ⁤The dimensions of the Arrow Fastener 356 3/8″ P35 Staples are 3.86 x‍ 3.74 x 2.24 inches, making them compact and easy to store. The staple box weighs 1.56 pounds, ensuring that it is lightweight‍ and portable for your convenience.

Q: Can these staples be used for ⁤different applications?
A: Absolutely! These 3/8″ P35 Staples are versatile and can ⁢be used for a‍ wide range of ⁢applications. Whether you need to fasten upholstery, insulation, or wrap, these staples will provide you with​ secure and reliable fastening every time.

Q: Is this product made in the USA?
A: Yes, the Arrow Fastener 356 3/8″ P35 Staples are proudly⁣ made in the USA. The manufacturer, ARROW HOME‌ PRODUCTS‌ COMPANY, ⁤ensures high-quality production standards, delivering a reliable and durable staple for your stapler needs.

Q: Are these staples compatible with other stapler brands?
A:‌ These staples are specifically designed for the P35 and P35S staplers, but ⁣they⁢ may ⁤also be compatible with other stapler brands ‌that support 3/8″ staples. However, we recommend checking the compatibility with your stapler model ‍to ensure optimal performance and ⁢compatibility.

Q: Are these staples easy to load‍ into the stapler?
A: Yes, loading these 3/8″ P35 staples into ‌the P35 ⁢and P35S staplers is extremely easy and hassle-free. ‌The staples are designed in⁣ a way that allows for smooth insertion⁣ and⁣ reduces the‍ chance of jams or misfires, making the stapling process quick and efficient.

Q: Can these staples be used for heavy-duty⁢ stapling?
A: While‍ these staples are durable and reliable, they are primarily designed for light to medium-duty stapling tasks. If you require heavy-duty stapling, we recommend using specific staples designed for that purpose.

Q: Are ​these staples suitable for professional use?
A: Yes, these 3/8″ P35 Staples are suitable for both professional and personal use. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional upholsterer, these staples will meet your stapling needs and ⁣provide consistent ‍results.

Q: Are these staples made ​of high-quality materials?
A: Yes, the Arrow Fastener 356 3/8″ P35 Staples ⁣are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and ⁣long-lasting performance. The ​manufacturer takes pride in ‍delivering reliable​ and dependable staples for your stapling requirements.

Remember, with our top-rated 3/8″ P35 staples, stapling will be a breeze and your projects will be completed with ⁣ease and precision.⁢ So, ⁢grab a box of these staples and experience the convenience and efficiency yourself!

Reveal the Extraordinary

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for a‍ reliable⁣ and efficient staple for your P35 and P35S staplers, look no further than our top-rated 3/8″⁤ P35 Staples by ⁤Arrow Fastener. These staples have proven time and time again to be ⁤the perfect companion for all ⁢your stapling ​needs.

With⁢ compact dimensions and a weight of only 1.56 ⁣pounds, these staples are easily ⁢maneuverable and won’t weigh you down. Made in the USA, you can trust in the quality and durability of these staples to⁢ get the job done.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast tackling a home improvement project or a professional⁤ in need of a staple that won’t let you down, the Arrow Fastener 3/8″ P35 Staples are a must-have. With their⁤ seamless compatibility with P35 and​ P35S staplers, you can staple with ease ⁤and precision.

So why wait? Upgrade⁢ your stapling game today and click here to get your hands on the Arrow Fastener 356 3/8″ P35 Staples – the ultimate staple ⁢for all your stapling needs: Staples Product on Amazon.

Happy ⁣stapling!

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