The Weightless Wonder: Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat Review

Welcome to our product review blog, where we always strive to bring you the latest and greatest in baby gear.⁣ Today,⁤ we are ‍excited to introduce you to a game-changer in the world of car seats – the Century⁣ Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car ⁤Seat, Metro.

We know that when‌ it comes to car ​seats, safety is your top priority. That’s why we put ​the Carry On™ 35 to the test, and boy, were ⁣we impressed!​ This seat is packed with safety features that will give you peace of mind on the road.

But safety isn’t the only thing that matters. We also wanted a car seat that was⁣ comfortable‌ for our little ones. And let us tell you,⁢ the Carry⁤ On™ 35 delivers. It’s like a cozy little nest for your baby bear, ‌ensuring⁢ they have a comfortable ride every time.

And ‌can we talk about the design? We ⁢were done with ‍the bulky, heavy car seats that are a pain to ⁤carry around. That’s why we were so thrilled when we discovered the Carry On™ 35. Weighing in at just under ⁣7 ​lb, ‍it’s a weightless wonder. Say goodbye to straining your back while lugging a heavy car​ seat!

But the ‌greatness doesn’t stop there. The Carry On™ 35 is ​part of Century’s ⁤Happy Planet ‌Collection,​ with fabrics made from ‍recycled materials. It’s their way of ⁢giving back and making a positive impact on the ⁤environment.

And last but not least, we have to mention Century’s KeepSafe™ promise. This car seat is designed and tested to ​provide safe and secure⁢ protection for your little one, so you can focus on the road ahead.

So, if you’re ‍on the⁣ hunt for a lightweight, safe, and⁢ comfortable​ car seat that also has a positive environmental‌ impact, look ‍no further than the Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat, Metro. We can’t recommend it enough!

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The Weightless Wonder: Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat Review
In the world of car seats, finding the⁣ perfect one for your⁣ precious little one is ‌no easy feat. You want something that not only prioritizes safety, but also offers comfort and convenience. Well, look no further! Allow us to introduce the Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car⁢ Seat, lovingly nicknamed “The Weightless⁤ Wonder”.

Weighing‍ in at⁤ just ⁣under⁤ 7 lb, this car seat is a true game changer. It’s part of our Happy Planet Collection, which means that the⁢ fabrics used are made from⁣ recycled materials. We ‌at Century believe in ‍doing more for the environment, which is why we promise‌ to Recycle, Reimagine, and Give‍ Back. So not⁢ only will you be keeping your little one safe, but you’ll also be⁢ doing your part for the planet.

Designed and tested with our KeepSafe Protection,⁢ this sleek and comfy car seat provides secure‍ protection so you can focus on the road ⁤ahead. It is rear-facing and perfect⁤ for littles⁣ from 4-35 lb, ensuring that your baby bear⁣ is always snug​ and ‌secure. Plus, ⁣it has undergone rigorous‌ side-impact ⁣testing for occupant retention, both with and without the base. ​And did we mention how lightweight it is? At just under⁣ 7 lb, it’s a breeze to‌ carry and won’t⁣ leave you feeling like‍ you’re lugging around a ton of bricks.

Ready to experience the magic of ⁤the Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat? Click here to get yours on Amazon and give your little one the ultimate comfort ‌and safety they deserve.

Features and Design ‌

The Weightless Wonder: Century Carry On ⁤35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat Review
Features and Design:

The Century Carry ⁤On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat truly lives up to its name as “The Weightless Wonder”. Weighing in at just under 7 lb,⁢ this car seat is incredibly lightweight and easy ​to carry. Say goodbye to the days of ‌struggling with bulky and heavy‍ car seats! ⁢

One of the standout features of this car seat is its ⁣Happy Planet Collection design. The fabrics used in its construction are made from‍ recycled‌ materials,⁢ as part of⁣ Century’s commitment to their Do More promise of Recycle,‌ Reimagine, and Give Back. Not only will you be⁢ providing a safe and comfortable space for your​ little one, but you’ll also be ‌contributing ​to a⁢ more sustainable future.

Safety is ​a top priority with the‌ Century Carry ‍On ‍35. It is rear-facing, making it suitable for ⁣littles from 4-35 lb. The KeepSafe Protection ensures that your child will be secure​ and ‌protected during every car ride. The car seat has been extensively designed⁣ and ​tested to provide the utmost ⁣safety and security, giving you‍ peace ‌of mind while focusing on the road ahead.‍ It has‍ also‍ passed side-impact testing for occupant retention, ‌proving its ability to withstand potential collisions.

Experience the lightweight comfort and sustainable design of the Century⁣ Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat. ⁣Don’t compromise on safety or convenience when it comes ⁤to your little one. Get yours now and start enjoying worry-free journeys with your precious cargo. Click ‌here to⁤ order from Amazon and join us in making a⁣ positive⁤ impact on the planet.

Performance ​and Safety

The Weightless ⁤Wonder: Century Carry⁤ On 35 ⁢Lightweight Infant Car Seat Review
Our ⁤team has thoroughly tested the Century​ Carry On‍ 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat, Metro, ⁤and we’re excited to share our thoughts on its features. First and foremost, this car seat is designed and tested to offer ‍KeepSafe⁤ protection, ensuring⁣ that your little one is safe and secure throughout the journey. Whether you’re driving⁤ on ⁢smooth highways or bumpy roads, ⁢you‍ can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is ⁣well-protected.

One standout⁣ feature of this car seat is its side-impact ⁤protection.‌ It⁣ has been rigorously tested for⁣ occupant retention, both with and ⁤without the base. This means that even if you​ need to use the car seat without the ‍base, ‌you can trust that it‌ will still provide optimal protection for your child. The side-impact protection adds an extra ‍layer of ⁣safety, giving parents ⁢like us the confidence to navigate​ the⁣ road ahead without worrying about our baby’s‍ well-being.

Furthermore, the Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat ⁢is ‍part⁤ of‌ the Happy Planet Collection, featuring fabrics made from recycled materials. This aligns with our values of sustainability, and we appreciate the effort to⁤ recycle, reimagine, and give back. The car seat’s lightweight design‌ is another winning ‍feature, weighing in at just under‌ 7 lb. This makes it easy to⁢ carry and install, eliminating ‍the hassle of lugging around a bulky and heavy‍ car seat. We appreciate the‍ attention to detail in creating a lightweight and user-friendly ⁤design.

Overall, the Century‌ Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat, ⁣Metro, impresses us with its features. It combines KeepSafe protection, side-impact protection, and a lightweight design to provide a secure and comfortable environment for our ‌little⁣ ones. If you’re looking for a car seat that prioritizes ​safety, convenience, and sustainability, we highly recommend checking out the Carry ‌On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat on ⁣Amazon through our referral link for the best price and efficient​ delivery. Get ⁢ready to hit the road with⁣ peace of mind and enjoy a smooth ride with your baby bean!


The Weightless Wonder: Century Carry ‌On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat Review

Overall, we highly recommend the Century⁢ Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car⁣ Seat, Metro. It is the perfect combination of‍ safety, comfort, and ⁤convenience. Here are a few reasons why we think this car seat is a must-have for ⁣any parent:

  1. Happy Planet Collection: This car seat is part of Century’s Happy Planet Collection, which means the fabrics are made ​from recycled materials. We love that Century is committed to sustainability and giving back. It’s a small step towards ⁣a greener future.

  2. Rear-Facing for ⁤Littles ‍from 4-35 lb: This car⁣ seat is designed ⁤for rear-facing use, making it⁣ suitable for babies weighing between 4-35 pounds. It’s‍ the perfect size for‌ your little bundle of joy and provides them with the necessary support and protection during car rides.

  3. KeepSafe Protection: Safety is a top priority for us, and Century has got that covered. The Carry On 35 Lightweight⁤ Infant Car Seat is designed and tested to provide ​safe and ⁣secure protection ⁣for your child. You can have peace⁤ of mind knowing that‌ your baby is in good hands.

  4. Side-Impact Protection: The ‌car seat has ‍undergone rigorous side-impact testing ​for ⁣occupant retention, both with and without ⁣the base. This additional layer of protection ensures that your baby is safe in the event of a collision.

  5. Ultra-Lightweight Design: Say goodbye to ‌bulky and heavy car seats! The Carry On ‌35 weighs in at just under 7 pounds, making ‍it incredibly lightweight⁣ and easy ‌to carry. It’s a game-changer for parents who are always on the go.

In conclusion, the Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat, Metro, is a fantastic choice for new parents. It offers a winning combination of safety, comfort, and sustainability. Don’t miss ​out on ‌this incredible product – click here to purchase it from Amazon and ensure your little one’s safety on the road ahead.

Customer Reviews Analysis

The Weightless ⁤Wonder: Century‍ Carry ⁣On 35 Lightweight ⁤Infant Car Seat Review

Customer Reviews ‍Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer ‍reviews ​for ⁣the Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat, we have compiled the‌ following key insights:

1. Lightweight and Easy to ​Install:

Many customers praised ‍the car⁢ seat for being incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry and install. The convenience of its weight was a ‍major selling point for ‍parents.

2. Safety and Comfort:

A significant ‌number of ‌reviewers were exceptionally pleased with the safety ​and comfort features of this car seat. They ​mentioned that the sturdy construction​ and high safety ratings⁣ provided⁢ peace ​of mind, while the plush padding created a cozy environment for their little‍ ones during ​car journeys.

3. Adjustable and‍ User-Friendly Design:

The adjustable features of⁣ the car seat were appreciated by⁤ parents, as they ensured a perfect ‌fit ⁤as their babies grew. The design was ‍praised for incorporating user-friendly elements, making it ⁢easy and‌ enjoyable to use.

4. ​Compact and Space-saving:

One review mentioned how the ​car seat, despite being lightweight, was also⁤ compact. A parent owning a Ford‌ Ecosport vehicle expressed relief at finding a car seat that fit well⁣ in‌ the limited space available.

5. Brand Reputation:

Several ‍customers expressed their ‍loyalty to the Century brand, stating that they ‍would only purchase ⁤from ‍this brand in the future. They described the brand as ​underrated and reliable.

6. Limitations:

A minor downside mentioned by one reviewer was the inability to⁢ detach the canopy for easy cleaning. However,⁣ this did not seem to be a significant concern for most customers.

Total reviews Average rating Recommendation
6 4.7/5 Highly‌ recommended

Based on the customer reviews, the Century Carry On 35⁢ Lightweight Infant Car⁢ Seat receives a high average rating of 4.7 out of 5. The majority of customers‌ highly recommend this car seat for its lightweight‍ design, safety features, comfort, and user-friendly adjustments. It is especially suitable⁣ for‌ parents looking for ‌a compact and reliable car seat option.

Pros & ⁣Cons

The Weightless Wonder: ⁢Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat Review

Pros & Cons


  1. Extremely lightweight, weighing just under 7 lb.
  2. Part of the Happy Planet Collection, with fabrics made from‌ recycled materials.
  3. Designed and tested for safe and secure protection with KeepSafe⁢ technology.
  4. Side-impact tested⁢ for‌ occupant retention, providing added safety.
  5. Can be used ⁤for little ones weighing from 4-35 lb, making it suitable for a wide range of‌ ages.


  1. The car seat may⁢ not fit well in ​some smaller vehicles due to its size.
  2. It may be difficult to adjust ‍the straps and harness, requiring some effort and time.
  3. The padding and cushioning may not be as plush and comfortable as some other car seat options.
  4. The car ‍seat does‍ not come with additional features like a‌ cup holder or storage pockets.
  5. The price ‌of the car seat may be higher compared ⁤to similar ​lightweight infant ‌car ⁣seat ​options ⁢on the market.


In conclusion, the Century Carry On‍ 35 Lightweight Infant Car ⁤Seat offers a great balance of lightweight design, safety features,⁣ and eco-friendly materials. It is ideal for parents who value convenience and sustainability. ⁣However, it may not be the best fit for those with smaller vehicles or those⁣ looking for additional features and extra comfort. Considering both the pros and cons, it’s important to assess your specific needs and preferences ⁢before making a decision.


The Weightless Wonder: Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat Review
Q: Is the Century Carry On 35 ⁣Lightweight Infant Car Seat suitable ⁤for newborns?
A: Yes, this car ‍seat is designed for ​littles from 4-35 lbs, so it is perfect ​for‍ newborns.

Q: Is the car seat comfortable ​for long rides?
A: Absolutely! We understand that comfort is important, especially on long car rides. That’s why we made sure to⁢ design this seat to be as comfortable as‌ possible.

Q: How heavy is the Century Carry On 35​ Lightweight‌ Infant Car Seat?
A: This car seat weighs just under 7 lbs, making it ⁢incredibly ‍lightweight and easy‍ to carry.

Q: Can the car seat be⁤ used without the base?
A: Yes, it can! The‌ Century Carry On⁢ 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat has been side-impact tested for occupant retention with ‍or​ without the base.

Q: What ⁢is the Happy Planet Collection?
A: ⁣The Happy Planet Collection is a line of products that use ‌fabrics made from recycled⁤ materials. It‌ is part of our ⁢commitment to Recycle, Reimagine, and Give Back.

Q: How does the KeepSafe Protection work?
A: KeepSafe Protection means that this car ⁤seat has been designed and tested to help provide safe and secure protection, allowing you to focus on the ‌road ahead.

Q:⁢ Can this car seat be used in a rear-facing position?
A: Yes, it⁣ can! The Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car ⁤Seat‌ is specifically designed‍ for rear-facing use for little ones⁢ from ​4-35 lbs.

Q: Is⁤ the Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat easy to​ install?
A:⁤ Yes, we made sure to design this car seat with ease of installation ⁢in mind. It is user-friendly and straightforward to install.

Q: Can the car seat fit into small cars?
A: Absolutely! The Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat has a compact design and⁢ is perfect for smaller cars.

Q: Is the car seat compatible with any strollers?
A: This car seat is compatible‌ with most strollers. However, we recommend double-checking the compatibility with your specific stroller model to⁢ ensure a proper fit.

Achieve New Heights

The Weightless Wonder: Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat Review
So, ​there ‍you​ have it, folks! The Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat, also known as “The Weightless Wonder,” has⁢ truly impressed us. With its lightweight design, Happy Planet Collection fabrics made from recycled materials, and⁣ KeepSafe protection, this car seat checks all the boxes‍ for safety,⁤ comfort, and eco-consciousness. It’s the perfect size ‌for your little one, accommodating infants from 4-35 lb in a rear-facing ⁢position. Plus, it’s⁢ been side-impact tested for occupant retention with or without the⁢ base.

But wait, there’s more! Our Do More promise to Recycle, ⁢Reimagine, and Give Back means that by purchasing this car ‌seat, you’re contributing to a happier planet. You can’t beat that! So, why wait? Click the link ⁢below‌ to get your hands on this incredible product. Your baby ⁢bear deserves the very best, and the Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant ​Car Seat is here to​ make their journey safe,‌ comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

Click here to buy⁢ now: Century Carry On 35 Lightweight Infant Car Seat

Happy travels and happy parenting!

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