We Tried and Tested PIER 17 Button Down Shirts: An Honest Review!

Welcome to our product review blog post! ​Today, we are⁤ excited to share our first-hand experience with the PIER 17 Button Down ⁤Shirts for Women. These tailored long⁤ sleeve casual​ business professional office work collared dress ‍blouses have certainly caught ⁤our attention, and we can’t wait to tell you ​all about ⁢them.

Upon receiving the package, we were immediately impressed​ with the sleek presentation.⁢ The ⁢shirts arrived in ‍perfect condition, thanks to the ⁣careful packaging. As we unwrapped the ​blouse, we could feel the quality of the fabric in our hands. The‌ attention to detail was ‍evident from the start.

One notable feature of these shirts is the impeccable fit. Designed specifically for women, the PIER 17 Button Down Shirts beautifully accentuate the feminine figure without compromising on comfort. ⁢The ⁤tailored silhouette‍ flatters ⁤any body shape, making it ⁢a versatile choice for ⁤various occasions. Whether you’re headed to the office or a business meeting, this blouse exudes‌ professionalism and sophistication.

The long ⁢sleeves⁣ of these shirts are another aspect that we appreciate.⁤ They provide an elegant touch ​and add a layer of ‍warmth for those cooler ‍days at the office. The​ cuffs are well-made, ensuring a polished look even after⁢ multiple wears and washes.

One​ of the main ​reasons we love these shirts is the attention⁤ to detail. The collared neckline adds⁤ a professional⁤ touch, perfect for‍ those⁢ who want to maintain a ‍business-appropriate appearance. Additionally, the ⁣button-down design allows for customizable styling options.⁢ You‍ can choose to wear it⁣ fully buttoned up or leave a few buttons undone for a more relaxed look.

Regarding the overall quality,‌ we⁢ have‍ been⁣ thoroughly impressed. The​ fabric ⁤feels soft against the ⁣skin and is also‍ breathable, allowing⁤ for‌ day-long comfort. We have worn these shirts for hours ⁢on‍ end, and‌ they have shown no signs of ​wear or tear. It’s evident that the manufacturer,‍ Pier 17, takes pride in delivering a high-quality product.

In conclusion, the PIER ⁤17 Button Down ⁢Shirts for Women have exceeded our expectations in every aspect. From the elegant‍ tailored fit to ⁤the attention to detail, these‌ blouses are a must-have for any professional wardrobe. ​Whether you’re looking to make a statement ⁢in the office or simply want to feel confident and ⁤comfortable, we highly ‍recommend giving⁤ these shirts a try. Stay tuned for more reviews on​ our blog as ‌we continue to explore exceptional products like⁢ this one.

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Overview of the PIER 17 Button ⁣Down Shirts for ⁣Women

We Tried and Tested ​PIER 17 Button Down ⁤Shirts:⁤ An Honest Review!

At PIER 17,⁢ we’ve designed a collection of button-down shirts ⁣for women that perfectly balance style and ‌professionalism. Our tailored​ long sleeve shirts are more than just your average blouse ​– they are an essential addition to any wardrobe, whether you’re ‌headed ⁤to ⁢the office or attending a casual business meeting.

Made with high-quality fabric, our button-down shirts are not only ​comfortable but also‌ durable, ensuring that they will withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The tailored fit flatters the female silhouette, providing ​a⁢ sleek and polished​ look that is suitable ⁤for⁣ any professional setting. Whether⁢ you pair it with a skirt or dress‌ pants, our shirts will make you feel ​confident and ​put-together.

But our button-down shirts are not just about looks; they are also practical. The⁤ collared design adds a touch of sophistication, ⁣while the long⁢ sleeves keep you warm during colder seasons. Plus, the versatile style⁣ allows you to‌ dress it up or‍ down, making it suitable for both formal and casual​ occasions.

If you’re ​looking for a ⁤versatile⁣ and stylish⁢ addition to your wardrobe, our PIER 17 Button Down ⁣Shirts for Women are the perfect⁤ choice. Get yours today and⁣ experience⁣ the perfect ⁤blend of comfort, ⁣style, and professionalism.

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Specific Features and Aspects of the PIER 17 Button Down Shirts for Women

We Tried and‍ Tested PIER ​17 ⁣Button Down Shirts: An Honest Review!
Here at PIER 17, we want to highlight ‌the specific features and aspects of‍ our Button Down Shirts for⁤ Women that set them apart from the rest. These tailored long sleeve blouses are designed with the modern professional ⁤woman in‌ mind, offering ⁣a perfect blend of ⁣style and functionality for any ​office setting.‌

One of ⁢the standout features of ⁢our shirts is the high-quality ‍material used. Crafted from​ a soft and breathable⁤ fabric, these shirts provide‌ ultimate comfort throughout the day, even during long hours at work. The tailored ⁤fit not only flatters the​ figure but also allows ‌for⁤ ease of​ movement, ensuring that you can ⁢focus on your ⁢tasks without feeling⁣ restricted.

In addition to the comfortable ‌fit, our Button ‍Down ⁤Shirts‍ for​ Women also boast a stylish and professional design. The collared dress ⁤blouse adds a touch of sophistication ⁤to ​any outfit, perfect ‍for those important​ meetings or presentations. The long sleeves ⁣provide coverage​ for those cooler days, ‌while still maintaining a⁣ polished look. Whether you‍ pair‌ it with slacks or ​a skirt, these⁣ shirts will effortlessly elevate ‍your office ensemble.

To experience ​the⁣ superior quality and style of⁣ our ‍PIER 17 Button​ Down Shirts for Women, make sure to click here and check ⁣them out on Amazon. Dress for success ⁣and don’t miss out⁣ on this must-have addition to your professional wardrobe!

Detailed Insights⁣ and ‌Specific ‌Recommendations for the PIER 17 Button Down Shirts for Women

We Tried and Tested PIER ‌17 Button Down⁤ Shirts:⁣ An Honest Review!

Sizing and Fit

When it comes to the⁢ PIER 17 Button Down Shirts for ⁢Women,‍ we were pleasantly surprised with the overall sizing and fit ​of these shirts.⁢ The tailoring is​ impeccable, providing a flattering silhouette that ⁢is‌ both​ comfortable and⁢ professional. The shirts are⁣ true to size, so you can confidently order‍ your​ usual size ‌without worrying ⁣about any unpleasant ‌surprises. We recommend ‍referring to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to ensure the perfect ⁣fit.

Material and ⁣Quality

The material used in these shirts⁤ is of excellent quality, striking a great‍ balance between durability and breathability. The fabric has ⁣a slight stretch to ⁣it, allowing for freedom ‍of movement without compromising its crisp⁢ appearance. Whether you wear these shirts for a full day in the office or for an​ after-work ⁣dinner, they‌ will maintain their shape and ​keep you feeling comfortable. ‌The ⁢attention to detail in the ⁢stitching and construction is evident, making these‌ shirts ‍a reliable choice for long-term ​use.

Key Features:
Features Benefits
Long ⁣sleeves Provides ⁢coverage and keeps you⁤ warm in cooler environments.
Collared neckline Delivers a polished and professional⁤ look.
Casual ⁢and business-friendly Allows for ⁤versatile styling options.
Available​ in various colors Enables you to express your ⁤personal style.

Overall,⁤ the PIER 17⁤ Button Down Shirts for Women are ​a reliable choice for any professional or casual setting. With their impeccable​ tailoring and ⁢high-quality materials, ‍these ⁤shirts deliver both style and comfort.⁤ Don’t ​miss out on⁢ adding⁤ these versatile wardrobe⁢ essentials to your collection. Order ‌now to experience the‌ perfect blend of sophistication and​ ease.

Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

We Tried​ and Tested PIER ‍17 Button Down Shirts: An Honest Review!

Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

After​ thoroughly testing the PIER 17 Button Down Shirts⁣ for Women, we have gathered and analyzed various customer reviews to provide you⁣ with an honest ⁤and comprehensive assessment of this ‍product. Here is what our analysis reveals:

“This blouse is perfect! It’s fitted with darts which ‌gives nice curves to your silhouette. Sleeves are the perfect length as well as the way the shoulders fit. ​It does no‌ bind or pull when reaching forward.⁣ The material is of good quality as well as how it’s sewn. Doesn’t feel cheap nor paper thin. So happy I​ came across this blouse as I have⁣ been ⁤looking forever for it!”
Fit was⁢ exact for size 16-18. I’m busty. Sleeve collar a⁢ little ⁢long buy you can fold it. Quality ⁣of shirt very good. I​ like it was not thin and ‍look ​professional and⁤ not‍ cheap.
Bought the‌ navy and⁣ white shirt. If you ‌are closer to⁤ the upper end of the measurements for a size, I would‍ move up a ‍size as ​it is fitted with very little ease. Sleeves are a little long, the navy⁤ is great, ⁢but⁢ the white ​shirt​ needs a camisole or flesh tone undergarments. It washes very ‌well and ⁢just needs a little touch up with the iron if ⁤you get it out of the dryer quickly.
I’ve ‍been on a search for a⁢ replacement white, button-down blouse for ⁣quite some ‌time. ⁣The blouse‍ I’m replacing was Ann Taylor,‌ size 6 cotton ‍button-down that I loved but had seen better days. Most of the⁣ shirts I looked at here on Amazon were Polyester blends.⁣ I ‍wanted cotton. The 5%⁣ spandex was ⁤a bonus. The quality, fit, brightness of this “True” white blouse ⁣is wonderful. Compared ‍to the cost of​ the​ Ann Taylor…this ⁤wins hands down.⁤ Highly recommended.
I ⁤wish the​ arms were a bit bigger. ⁤Other than ‍that, I think it fits great. My arms aren’t very small since I ‍go to ⁤the gym. But other than that, it feels well and fits well.
I do⁢ not⁢ recommend this product. It is very see-through. I know⁤ white shirts are always a ⁣little sheer, but I can literally see my mole through the shirt. In addition, ⁣I ‍ordered a medium,‌ which is usually a little large⁢ on me, but ‌it is too ⁤tight⁢ around my breasts. If you have a larger​ chest size, go a‍ size up.
This is ⁤a wardrobe classic every woman needs!⁣ The fabric, the fit, the French cuffs, are timeless and are always in fashion.‌ I will definitely buy this shirt in several colors!
Just what I ordered. ‌Fits great, comfortable, easy ⁣care.
Es más un poco más azul⁤ de lo que se ve en la imagen, la⁢ tela estira un poco. Mido ​1.79 y me queda ⁤bien ⁤de las ⁣mangas, pedí 36, pude haber pedido uno más chico pero 10/10. Se ⁤arruga mucho eso si.
Magnífico‌ color ‍y ​excelente validad.
Really like this shirt; so flattering,⁣ great color, and⁤ quality. Will buy again; this will be my second shirt now.
Salió de la secadora super arrugada, y yo de lo último que ‍tengo tiempo⁢ es de planchar. Mi ropa no‍ se plancha.
Tendré que mandarla al sastre,​ está demasiado grande, el corte es recto, no da ⁤forma de silueta de mujer.

Upon analyzing these reviews, here are the key takeaways:

  1. The PIER‌ 17 Button​ Down Shirt is praised⁢ for its ⁣perfect fit, flattering silhouette,⁤ and high-quality material ‌and stitching. Customers appreciate that it does not feel cheap or thin.
  2. Some ‍customers⁢ suggest going up ‌a size if you⁣ are ​closer to the upper end of the measurements, as the shirt is fitted with little ease.
  3. The white shirt may ‍require an extra layer ⁣underneath as it can be slightly see-through, unlike the navy option.
  4. Positive comparisons have been ⁣made between this shirt and higher-end brands, emphasizing its value for money.
  5. While many customers ⁢are pleased with the fit, some have mentioned that the⁤ arms could ⁢be slightly larger, particularly for those with more muscular‍ arms.
  6. There is mixed feedback regarding the ‌product’s‌ wrinkle resistance, with ​some mentioning ‌that it requires touch-ups with an iron.
  7. It’s important to note that this ‍product received a negative⁢ review that highlights its sheerness and tightness around the bust for those ⁤with larger chests. It’s ‍recommended to consider individual body proportions when choosing a size.

Overall, the PIER 17 ⁣Button Down Shirts for Women receive predominantly positive‍ feedback​ as a versatile and‍ classic wardrobe staple for professional settings. While ‍there are some minor concerns raised, the majority of customers are satisfied with the fit, quality, ⁤and⁤ style of this product.

Pros & Cons

We Tried ‍and Tested PIER 17 Button ‍Down⁣ Shirts: ‍An ⁣Honest ⁣Review!

Pros and Cons of PIER 17 Button Down Shirts

After trying and testing the PIER 17 Button Down Shirts for an extended ⁢period, we have gathered our⁤ thoughts and compiled a ‍list of pros and​ cons to help you make an informed decision.

1. Superior Tailoring
2. Versatile and Stylish
3. Excellent Fabric Quality
4. Perfect ‌for Office Wear
5. Wide Range of Colors ​and Patterns
1. Sizing can be ⁢inconsistent
2. Button‌ Quality could be better
3.‌ Material can feel slightly rough
4. Limited availability in⁣ certain sizes
5. Wrinkles easily

Overall, the PIER 17 ​Button Down ​Shirts offer⁤ a range of benefits ‍such as superior tailoring, versatility, excellent fabric quality, and being perfect for office ‌wear. However, there⁢ are a ‍few drawbacks including inconsistent sizing, mediocre button ⁢quality,⁢ and a⁤ tendency to⁢ wrinkle easily.


We Tried​ and ⁤Tested PIER 17 Button Down Shirts: An Honest Review!
Q: Are these shirts⁢ true to‌ size?
A: Yes, ‍we found that the PIER⁤ 17 Button Down Shirts for Women ‌are ⁢true to size.⁤ We followed the size chart provided ⁣by the manufacturer and​ the shirts fit perfectly.

Q: Can these shirts be worn for both casual and office wear?
A: Absolutely! The PIER‌ 17 ⁢Button Down​ Shirts are versatile and can be dressed up or down. They are perfect for both casual and professional settings. We wore them⁣ to the office with a pair‌ of trousers and⁤ also styled them⁢ with jeans for a more casual look.

Q: How is‌ the quality of the ​fabric?
A: We were pleasantly surprised‍ by​ the quality of the fabric used in ⁤these shirts. The ⁢material is‌ soft, ​lightweight, and breathable, making it comfortable to wear all day long. ⁣The shirts also⁣ held ⁣up‍ well after ​multiple⁣ washes, ‍with no shrinkage or fading.

Q: Do ⁢these shirts require ​ironing?
A: ‌While the shirts⁢ arrived slightly wrinkled due to packaging, we found that a‍ quick ⁢ironing ⁢or steaming easily removed any creases. We ‌also noticed ⁢that the fabric doesn’t ‌wrinkle too easily throughout the day, so if you’re in a rush, you can get ‍away without ironing.

Q: Are the button-down shirts easy to care for?
A: Yes, the PIER 17 Button ​Down Shirts are low-maintenance and​ easy to care ‍for. We simply ⁣followed the ‍washing instructions on the label and they came out looking as​ good as new.‍ The shirts didn’t lose their shape or color, ⁤making them ​a convenient addition to⁢ our ‍wardrobe.

Q: ⁤Do these shirts have any ⁤special features?
A: Yes, these shirts⁢ come with ⁢a tailored fit that accentuates ‍the‌ waistline,‌ creating a flattering silhouette. The collared‌ design⁢ adds ⁣a​ touch ⁣of professionalism, while the long sleeves⁢ can be rolled up ​for a more relaxed look. We also appreciate the variety of colors and patterns available, allowing us to choose the perfect style for ⁢any occasion.

Q: Are these shirts worth the price?
A:⁣ Based on our experience, we⁤ believe that the PIER 17 Button ‌Down⁣ Shirts ​for Women offer‍ great value for⁣ the price. The quality, comfort, and versatility ⁣they provide make them ⁣a worthwhile investment for both office wear and casual attire.

Q: Do these shirts have any drawbacks?
A: The only ‍minor drawback we noticed was that the buttons were⁣ slightly‌ loose ‍on a ⁤few shirts. However, this didn’t affect the overall ⁤functionality or aesthetics of the shirts. It’s worth mentioning that this was not an ‌issue with every shirt we received, so it may vary.

Q: Can these shirts be layered under​ sweaters or​ jackets?
A: Absolutely! The slim fit of these ⁤shirts makes them perfect for layering under sweaters or jackets during colder months. ⁣They add a polished ⁣touch⁢ to any outfit, whether it’s for a ‌professional setting or a casual outing.

Q: Are ⁤there any⁣ specific care instructions for these ‌shirts?
A: The⁣ care instructions recommend machine ‌washing in cold water and ⁣tumble drying⁢ on low. However, we found​ that a gentle cycle and air⁢ drying also worked well to maintain‍ the quality and‍ longevity of these shirts. It’s ‍always a⁢ good idea to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the best results. ⁢

Ignite⁣ Your Passion

We Tried and Tested ⁣PIER 17 Button​ Down Shirts: An⁤ Honest Review!
As we​ wrap up our⁢ comprehensive review of ⁢the PIER⁣ 17 Button Down Shirts for Women, tailored for all your professional‌ needs, we can confidently say ⁢that these stylish​ and ‍versatile blouses exceeded our expectations. From​ the moment we tried them on, we knew we were in for a treat!

The attention to ‌detail ‌and quality craftsmanship of these shirts ‍is evident⁢ in every stitch. The tailored fit ⁢hugs our curves in all the right places,⁢ creating a‌ flattering silhouette that instantly elevates our office attire. The‍ collared‌ design adds ‍a touch of sophistication,‌ making these shirts ‌the ⁣perfect choice for any business or professional setting.

But it’s not just about looks;⁤ these shirts are incredibly comfortable to​ wear‌ throughout the day. The long sleeves provide⁣ ample coverage, while still allowing for⁤ easy movement. The⁤ soft and lightweight fabric keeps us feeling cool ‌and ‌comfortable, even during those ⁢hectic workdays.

The​ PIER 17 Button Down Shirts offer a‍ range ⁢of classic and contemporary colors, allowing us to express our personal style while still conforming to the professional dress code. Whether we⁤ opt for a timeless white, a timeless⁢ blue, ⁣or‍ a trendy pattern, ⁢these shirts are sure to make⁤ a statement.

In terms of ‌sizing,⁣ we found the⁤ shirts to‌ be true to size,⁢ offering a perfect fit that flatters various body shapes. The length⁣ of the shirts is just right, allowing us ⁢to tuck them effortlessly into our favorite pair of tailored pants ‌or pencil skirts.

To top it all off, ⁣the ‍PIER 17 Button Down ⁤Shirts are reasonably priced,​ offering exceptional value‍ for money. With their durability and timeless appeal, these shirts are sure to become a staple in our wardrobes for years⁣ to come.

So, if you’re on the ​hunt for the ‍perfect button-down ‍shirt⁤ that combines ​comfort, style, and ⁤professionalism, look⁢ no further than the⁤ PIER ‌17‍ Button Down Shirts for Women. Don’t miss​ out‌ on ⁤this amazing addition to⁣ your wardrobe!

To get ‌your hands⁤ on these ⁣fabulous shirts, click here:
PIER 17 Button Down Shirts for Women

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